Kiernan O'Rourke

Character Name: Kiernan O'Rourke
Secondary Name: Father O'Rourke; MF-06S81
Race: MF-06
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Height: 6'2
Weight: 210
Hair Colour: Pale blue edging into white; clearly artificial, but tastefully done.
Eyes Colour: Completely black, but hidden behind tinted glasses. Appears dark brown through them.
Skin Tone: Very lightly tanned.

Personality & Mannerisms

Alignment: Good

Father Kiernan O'Rourke is the pastor of a congregation of Thorhusstand, the Church of Thor. He is friendly and outgoing, slow to anger but quick to defend those he feels loyal to - especially when it comes to his congregation or his god. He follows the tenets of Thor to… well, to a T; he values actions over promises, penance over repentance, and the good of the community over the good of the self. He goes out of his way to be liked by his friends and respected by those few he calls his enemies.


Character Age: 148
Birthdate: Unknown
Birthplace: Lighthalzen
Occupation: Pastor

Kiernan O'Rourke began life as MF-06S81, one of the one hundred beings created by Project MF-06. His assigned supervisor was a man he knew only as Dr. S - by order of those in charge of the facility, names were to be eschewed in favor of designations, so as to keep interfering trivialities such as "emotion" or "bonding" to a minimum. He escaped with his fellow MF-06 during the fire that destroyed their complex. Like most of the surviving MF-06, MF-06S81 does not know what started the fire, nor does he care. His primary concern is remaining free.

Like all other MF-06 escapees, MF-06S81 is wanted by the government of Schwartzvald, and will not travel to Schwartzvald-occupied territories willingly. There is a standing bounty of 500,000,000 zeny for the delivery of "any individual connected with the fire at Complex MF-06", and a bounty of 1,000,000 zeny for information that can lead to any such individual; anyone who discovers Kiernan's original identity can turn in such information to the Covert Research Division of the Military of the Schwartzvald Republic. If they feel daring, they may even attempt to capture Kiernan and bring him in for the larger reward. Either action will, however, probably end in their death - the Schwartzvald Republic does not want information about Project MF-06 publicly available, and actively "silences" individuals it knows to have such information. Project MF-06 remains a classified project, and information on it is not available in the public record.

MF-06S81 assumed the identity of the human priest "Kiernan O'Rourke" approximately fifteen years ago, after a host of other identities failed to pan out or were discovered by the Schwartzvald Republic. This is his longest-lived persona, and the one he is most attached to, as it is by far his most sociable one. Kiernan currently lives in the bosom of Rune-Midgard, far from any open attempt on his safety, where he preaches the teachings of Thor. He is an outspoken anti-slavery activist.


  • Ilya 'Lupa' Telune: One of the few people Kiernan considers a close friend, Ilya met Kiernan in Payon shortly after a Thorhusstand service. The two have bonded closely. She is one of very few who know that he is not human.
  • Edan Fuinur Paisean: A mage of considerable repute, Edan was intrigued by the numerous defensive charms Kiernan is constantly bounded by. He is another who knows Kiernan's secret, having discovered it mostly by accident.
  • Raphael Remouri: Kiernan and Raphael are comrades in that both of them despise slavery. They are both actively working to keep the slave trade out of Rune-Midgard. Raphael believes Kiernan to be human.
  • Thom Merrilin: Father O'Rourke and the Merry Fool got along well, although the latter was not aware of the former's secret. Kiernan was actively attempting to convert Thom to the Thorhusstand, believing it will be good for him. Kiernan now mourns the Fool's death.
  • Laurel Kaitlyn Luisliu: Laurel and Kiernan argue a lot, usually about their choice of deities - Laurel is a devout follower of the Christian God, the official religion of Rune-Midgard.
  • Menet Sheshafi: After accidentally blinding Menet when she attempted to see him with the spell Detect Magic, the two have made up and remain, if not friends, at least friendly. She does tend to avoid looking directly at him.

Misc Facts

Special Skills: Kiernan is exceptionally gifted with defensive magic. Any spellcaster can, with minimal effort, detect the literally hundreds of defensive wards woven into his clothing - they cause him to appear nearly incandescent to anyone attempting to see with Detect Magic.

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