Kiel Hyre Quest

Level Requirements: Base Level 70+
Item Requirements: 2 Cheese, 7 Milk, 5 Cacao, 10 Raw Fish, 4 Solid Iron Piece
Quest Reward: 2,000,000 Base EXP (Split 500k/1.5m for the two parts of the quest), 1 Taming Gift Set, 1 Old Card Album.

1. Enter the Juno Bar (yuno 51, 105). You'll hear the master rambling about how he's troubled. Talk to him, and ask him what’s bothering him. He'll tell you that he's supposed to make a delivery to Ms. Lecollane at the Kiel Hyre Academy. Offer to help him, and he will give you a bottle of Culinary Wine.

2. Go to the Kiel Hyre Academy (yuno_fild08 155, 189) (2 east 2 south of Juno). Talk to one of the guards at the main gate. You will tell him you are making a delivery to someone within the academy, and he will demand to know who you have business with, and what you are delivering. When asked, input the following:

Culinary Wine

After answering his questions, he will verify what you told him, and let you into the academy.

3. In the academy, you'll overhear two students talking on the main floor. (kh_school 57, 141)

3. Go downstairs, and you will find Lecollane (kh_school 175, 60). Talk to her and tell her you are there to make a delivery. At this point you will overhear one student, Elly (kh_school 178, 39).

4. At the 5 'o clock direction from Lecollane, you will find a Lovely Student 'Elly'. Ask her what she is up to, and then offer to assist her in gathering items.

She will tell you the following items are required for her baking cookies, and where you can get the items.

1 Bag of Flour - Toast Shop in Juno (217, 114)
1 Egg - Toast Shop in Juno (Comes with Bag of Flour)
2 Cheese - Dropped by Taoist Hermit in Kunlun
1 Culinary Wine - Bar in Juno (51, 105)
7 Milk - Milk Merchant in Prontera
5 Cacao - Dropped by Yoyo

You'll need to gather the Cheese, Milk, and Cacao on your own.

5. Go to the Juno Bar again. The bartender there will give you some more Culinary Wine for 1000z.

6. Near the pet trainer in Juno to the bottom right of the main Juno plaza, there will be a girl Cezu (217,113). Tell her you came to pick up some items for Elly. Cezu will tell you that she doesn't have any but asks if you could go to Lighthalzen to pick them up for her.

7. In Lighthalzen, near the top right of the Slums area, you'll find Master Mils in front of one building (365,300). Tell him that you're there from the Juno Toast Shop, and he'll give you a delivery box.

8. Give the box to Cezu in Juno, and she'll make out a separate box with the Flour and Eggs you need for Elly.

9. Bring the items back to Elly in the Kiel Hyre Academy (the guard should let you in freely at this point), and Elly will give you some of her well-baked cookies she made.

10. Talk to Elly again. Because she feels she can trust you, she wants you to deliver the cookies to her gramps Kiel Hyre at his Cottage. Answer "Do you want me to?", followed by "Alright."

11. Make your way to the Kiel Hyre's Cottage (yuno_fild02 91, 210). This is 1 map north of the Academy, just left of center.

12. Talk to the Guardsman on watch at the Cottage. Tell him "I wish to speak to Kiel Hyre". He will tell you he is not in.

13. Return to Elly with this news. She will give you a spare key to the Cottage.

14. At the Cottage, use the key on the door to the left (yuno_fild02 75, 217). You'll enter into a storage room.

15. Look around some boxes in the bottom right of this room, and you'll find a letter from Kiel Hyre, addressed to Elly.

16. Bring the letter back to Elly. She'll read it, and find something weird. Ask her what she finds odd, and she will ask you to go back to the Cottage and look around. When you're done, she wants you to find her back at her room in the Academy Dormitory located out back.

17. Go back to the Cottage, and enter in the door to the left. This time, when you are down there, investigate the bookshelf at the left side (there are two, use the one closer to the entrance). You may need to check several times, but you should find a switch. Activate the switch, and a secret passage to the main building will open up. You'll need to click on the passage to activate it.

18. As soon as you enter the Cottage, you'll find yourself in the kitchen. Look behind you, and you'll see some boxes. Take some of the pet food here.

19. Outside of the kitchen, along the wall you'll find a map of the world. Take a close look at this map. You'll find something hidden but you can't get to it without damaging the map.

20. Go back to the kitchen, and investigate the Pot. You can use this to access what’s hidden.

21. Return to the map of the world. Investigate it again, and this time you will find a hidden paper with a poem. Be sure to remember this as it’s important.

22. At the west end of the mansion you'll find a green jar. Investigate this, and you'll obtain an Old Bronze Key.

23. South of this point, you'll find a small indoor garden. Investigate the pool, and you'll find two buttons. Press the button on the left, and you'll hear a sound from far away. You should be able to go upstairs now.

24. At the top of the stairs, you'll find a dog guarding the path. Not wanting to alert the guardsman outside, you need to find a way past. Toss the dog some of the Pet Food you bought earlier and it'll let you by.

25. There are three rooms upstairs, a bedroom, an office, and a library. Enter the office, the second room. Search through the documents located on the desk.

26. Investigate the box in the bottom left of the room. You'll obtain a 'Green Key'.

27. Go to the library. In the 1 'o clock direction, investigate this bookshelf. You'll find a suspicious book "To Elly". When you open it you'll see two keyholes. When prompted, insert Elly's Key (Cottage Key) into the first slot, and the Green Key into the second. You will obtain a small 'Steel Box'.

28. Go to the last room (the first one in the hallway). Look beside the bed and you'll find a Drawer. Investigate this, and receive the Yellow Key.

29. In the same room, you'll find a shelf lined with potions. Use the blue liquid on the documents you found earlier, and you'll reveal a poem. Be sure to keep this information handy.

30. Head back downstairs. Just beside the stairs, you will see a decoration with 4 swords. Upon investigation, these swords could be used as levers, but you'd have to pull them in the correct order. Each of the 4 swords has a special look to it. Pull them in the order that they match up with the two poems you had read earlier. If you do it correctly, a door will open to a secret chamber.

31. In this hidden room, there will be two test tubes. When you press the button on the right one, it will ask you for a name. Input the code found in red on the end of the second poem "little lost devil". You'll be revealed the code "4772961".

32. Its time to Return to Elly. She won't be at the school anymore so there is no need to return there, but instead you'll want to go to her room at the dormitory (yuno_fild08 67, 181) located behind the school. To enter her room, you can climb up a pipe by clicking on her window (it may take several attempts to climb up).

33. Talk to Elly. You'll find that she won't respond to you at all.

34. Check the cookie basket on the table. In the box you'll find a note written for you.

35. Talk to Elly again. This time, tell her "Wake up, Elly!". She won't talk but she will drop a Small Golden Key and a Button. Using the Key on the Steel Box reveals a Blue Keycard.

36. Leave Elly's room, and outside you'll see an arrangement of 5 graves. Go to the bottom right one. When prompted, insert the Yellow Keycard first, and then the code 4772961.

Now you'll be able to enter into floor 1 of the mechanical doll factory using this secret entrance.
37. Make your way to the far right side, the bottom door along the wall. Be careful as you cannot teleport here. When you attempt to open the door, insert the Blue Keycard.

38. Inside you will see several women. Talk to them, and they will introduce themselves as Allysia. When they ask you to identify yourself, show them the Golden Key which you got from Elly. They will immediately know you are one of Elly's friends, and one of them will ask to speak to you.

39. When you're moved to a separate room, talk to Allysia here and she will give you a Red Keycard, and ask you to get something from Kiel Hyre. You'll be warped back to the 1F entrance.

40. This time, in the top right corner of 1F, use the Red Keycard to access the restricted area.

41. Along the path, approach the final door to the right. While Kiel will not let you in he will talk to you briefly, and give you a Metal Part. Use the portal to the right to exit the restricted area.

42. Take the part back to Allysia. She will ask you to visit her master in Lighthalzen.

43. In Lighthalzen in the center of the map (ligthalzen 188, 199) (just above the item shop) you'll find Kiel Hyre's Mansion. Enter, and speak to the butler. When he questions you, show him Elly's Golden Key.##

44. You will find Kil Hyre senior and Allysia here. Talk to them, and answer the questions they have for you. You will receive roughly 700k experience, and a taming gift set, and Allysia will explain about the mechanical dolls.

45. After you're finished talking with them, walk outside and you'll fall unconscious after being hit in the head.

46. Finding yourself in a tiny room, talk to the Mysterious Woman. Don't tell her anything, and she'll explain about Kiel's company and its ties to Rekenber. (You end up telling her everything anyway) After agreeing to help, she'll tell you her name is Mitchell Layla.

47. Talk to Layla again, and she asks you to go to Juno to investigate a woman who knew the real Allysia thirty years ago. Talk to her once more to take the airship to Juno.

48. Find the two women, Odd Grandma and Old Lady to the southeast of the main forum (around 253,136). Talk to the Odd Grandma first, then the Old Lady to learn about the Grandma. The Old Lady then hands over the keys to the Rosimmer Mansion.

49. Head to the Rosimer Mansion near where the two women are standing, and go inside (270,139).

50. Go upstairs and head south, then take a left. Take the top left portal out of the set of 6, and open the second drawer of the desk. You'll receive K.H's Letter. Check the bookshelf in the same room and find James's Note.

51. Go downstairs again, and take the second portal from the stairs (not the one right under them). Check the Shelf near the portal, and use the Master Key on it to obtain a Woman's Portrait.

52. Take the other portal in the room, and check the Table in the next room. You'll get the Family Portrait.

53. Talk to the Old Lady, and she'll tell you to search for a fisherman south of the KH Academy.

54. Head to one map south of the Academy, and find the fisherman at the southern tip of the map (232,224). Talk to him and he asks you to bring him some Raw Fish. Raw Fish seller is at (amatsu 214, 116)

55. After bringing him the fish, he tells you to visit Kiel's old hut.

56. Go to (yuno_fild09 155,217) and click on the Wooden Board in the bushes outside the hut. You'll find the Man's Picture.

57. Head back to Layla by going back to the mansion in Lighthalzen, and tell her what you found. She sends you to talk with Kiel.

58. Talk to Kiel, and he tells you the whole story. He then asks for your help to stop his "son" and opens a portal for you to enter.

59. Enter the portal and you'll enter the first room.

60. Click on the Receiver next to the bed. This will summon an Alicel and Aliot. After the summoned monsters are dead, a black keycard will drop from the receiver. You will need one black keycard now, and two more later. It may be easier to obtain three black keycards now because it’s harder to obtain later on.

61. Click on the vase next to the bed, and when prompted, read the message on the bottom.

62. Open the chest at the bottom of the room. The password to open it is "open the door". You will receive a Toy Key.

63. Open the door at the end of the room and make your way to the next room. If the door doesn't open, make sure all the monsters are dead before proceeding, and that you have the required keys.

64. On the way through between rooms, you'll encounter a small number of monsters. In the room, you can open this door by using the Toy Key.

65. Follow the path to the third room. Open this door using the Black Keycard.

66. Make your way to the fourth room. You will need two Black Keycards to open this door. At the left side of the room there will be test tubes that can be used to spawn monsters. Killing them will reveal a Black Keycard if it’s needed.

67. Make your way to the fifth and final room. There will be more monsters here than there were previously.

Notice: At this point, NPC dialog should be initiated by only one player. Disregarding this encountered some issues during testing on iRO Sakray server. Once Kiehl is defeated, and the first player has received Ellisia's ring can the others talk to him. It may be required for other players to repeat this portion of the quest with them initiating it. Remember that even if you've completed the quest, you will be able to return later and assist others if needed. Only those actively participating in completing the quest can open the portal to the Toy Room.

68. You'll need to try four times to force the door here open. Each time, monsters will attack you. You'll need to kill the monsters before making another attempt on the door.

69. Once the door is slightly open you'll need to pry it open further to pass. You'll need to make four attempts before you will be able to enter, and each time you'll need to use some kind of metal fragment. Hard Iron Piece is probably the best to use for this. If you do not have 4 Hard Iron Pieces, backtrack a little and kill the monsters here until you get them.

70. Once the door is pried open, anyone you want to assist you in the coming battle will need to enter before you do. Once you enter the portal, the door will close and no one else will be able to enter until you are finished.

Notice: This area has a time limit. After roughly 10 minutes you will be warped out. If you leave and return the quest will continue from roughly the same point for the person who opened the door.

71. When you enter the room a large number of monsters will spawn within a few seconds. Dispatch these and make your way to the center of the room.

72. Upon talking to Kiehl, he will summon more monsters (including the weak constants). After killing these, Kiehl will return.

73. Talk to Kiehl again. After a brief conversation, Kiehl will attack you. You must defeat Kiehl to continue.

74. After defeating Kiehl, talk to him again. He will explain his plan. In the end he will hand over Allysia's Ring. A portal will appear behind him, and you can use this to leave the room.

75. Bring the ring to Kiel Hyre. He will recommend you look for Kiehl in the second level of the factory dungeon. He will give you experience, an Old Card Album, and a Keycard to gain access to the second level. At this point the quest is complete, and you can choose to find and battle Kiel-D-01 now if you wish.

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