Player Name Karith

Character Name: Kia Alison.
Secondary Name: N/A.
Race: Ailouros.
Gender: Female.
Sexual Orientation: Hetero.


Height: 5’4”.
Weight: 105.
Hair Colour: Blonde.
Eyes Colour: Yellow.
Skin Tone: Moderately Tan.

//Kia dresses in a tight, red leather shirt that barely covers even her chest in the front, but all of her back, a pair of straps running up to a collar to help hold it. The detached sleeves dyed blue with fur lining the tops. Following suit, her red leather shorts barely reach past her hips, and are held up by a white belt with a skull buckle. From the back of her belt hangs a fur pelt dyed blue, but left white around the edges. Her high heel boots, like most of her clothes, are also dyed red with white soles, red leather straps Crisscrossing around her legs up to her knees.

Her hair, as well as her ears and tail, are a simple blonde. Her eyes are a deep yellow, and her skin shows signs of long periods of time under the sun, free of scars for the most part. Under her shirt, her back does however show signs of whips.//

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Chaotic Neutral

Being slave born, Kia is naturally submissive and obedient, not even considering rebelling against her master on the outside. Beneath the surface, however, Kia is constantly trying to find away to escape from her life as a slave. She remains cautious, however, and carefully avoids anything that would lead her attempts to freedom back to her, for fear of punishment and tighter bondage.
Ambitious and Arrogant, Kia is not seeking to obtain freedom, but rather to place herself on top. She does not care to bring down the slave market, simply assuming she can take control of it without need for worry of being enslaved herself.


Character Age: Ten.
Birth Date: October 5th.
Birthplace: Lighthalzen.
Occupation: Slave.

Kia was born into slavery, and never had a thought about freedom for most her life. At least until she was sold to a brothel and tales of freedom slowly trickled into her ears from free-born slaves and re-captured ones. Only whispers reached her, however, as speaking of slavery was punished severely in the brothel she served in.
She learned quickly to keep her mouth shut and eyes open as she thought about her freedom. It wasn’t long after the tales bated her into trying that she had decided to try and plot her escape. But she never even saw the brothel’s slave master. The slaves he owned were kept away from him so that they could not attempt to kill him for his blood.
So, for a few more years, Kia worked on ways to switch masters. But the brothel asked to high a price for their slaves, and one could easily find a cheaper slave elsewhere.
Eventually, Kia had found out she was being sold, without her influencing it even, though she worried what kind of man she was being sold to. When she did, at last, meet him, all she saw was an Alfar, his eyes cold and heartless. He gave orders as quickly as her old masters. But he had given her more than that.
Her new master trained her briefly in archery, showing her how to shoot her bow, and how to hold a dagger correctly, along with moderate lessons in stealth. But sense then, she has yet to see her master, left reminding herself who she now serves, and following his orders; visit towns in order to gather information without linking herself to him, and learning how to fight.


  • Karith: Her current master who, oddly enough, she has very little relation with.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Fish.
Special Skills: Archery, sort of.

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