Kerisu Maynard
kerisu kerisu

Character Name: Kerisu Maynard
Secondary Name: Kerry Sue (which she hates) Bunny Mctits (which she hates much more)
Race: Nanabozho
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Hetero


Height: 5'2"
Weight: 150
Hair Colour: Blue
Eyes Colour: Yellow
Skin Tone: Rosy

Kerisu was designed to be attractive, yet comforting. Her face is heart-shaped with large, bright yellow eyes and long lashes. She is short and curvy with thick legs and wide hips. She also has large breasts (34D), as requested by the man who comissioned her. They're just big enough to annoy her while hopping, which is why she only does it when she needs to, and tends to walk at a slow pace most of the time. She keeps her Ultramarine hair in a high pontail, but occasionally wisps of her hair get loose and fall around her face. Her ears are large and grey, and bend over forwards halfway up. She and many other Nanabozho issued to the town of Comodo were designed this way because people found it cute. Rabbits in the wild don't have ears like that, as their ears are large and fully erect to direct soundwaves to the eardrum (and cool the blood in the warmer months) It took people years to breed rabbits with floppy ears to sell as pets, but not long at all to produce floppy-eared Nanabozho, seeing as how few of them were ever intended to be out in the wild, their ears were designed purely for aesthetic value rather than practicality.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Neutral Good

Kerisu is more laid back than the furres she associates with. She takes a good, hard look at both sides of a story before choosing a side, and sticking with it… (that side could be lop-sided, though) She trys very hard to be of use to people, and gets frustrated when she can't. Kerisu is very compassionate and will worry about her friends when they're not around. She takes great pride in her work, and expects a lot out of people. Nothing but their personal best will do. She is Shy and Demure around new men she is attracted to


Character Age: 19
Birthdate: May 19th
Birthplace: Comodo
Occupation: Teaches smithing at the Academy of Strategy

Bunny-girls were in high demand in Comodo, both as exotic dancers and as Casino staff. Kerisu came from a line of Nanabozho bred especially for private servitude. She was comissioned by a sleezy businessman, but luckily only as a gift to woo a wealthy Casino owner. At age 4 (looked about 6-ish), she was given to a Human by the name of Roger Maynard. Maynard, being an upstanding guy who was devoted to his wife, Marcy, saw Kerisu as more of a daughter than a plaything (even as she matured) and he and his wife taught her to read, write, sew, cook and clean. She was happy living with them, but wanted to learn more about the world outside. But since the world directly outside was Comodo, a playground of debauchery, she was never allowed out without an escort. She was kept safe and secure in the Maynard Mansion. But when Roger fell ill and left the casino to his second-in-command, tax-collectors that would never have bothered him while he was successful and healthy swooped down on the Maynards and aimed to take whatever they could- including Kerisu. Roger and Marcy would not stand for this, and sent Kerisu out of Comodo, so that she may live her life free, but on her own. Feeling that her maid outfit attracted unwanted attention, she converted it into somewhat less noticable attire.
Kerisu made a living as a merchant, but her passion to create drove her to become a Blacksmith. While living in Einbech, She found a starving stray puppy, Which she Named Buster. Being a rabbit, Kerisu was very lonely without her family, and would talk to her dog. Her dog tried to talk back, but he wasn't that good at it. As she gained confidence and strength, she shed her toned-down dress, for a bikini top and short-shorts. Kerisu became a Whitesmith much faster than she shoul have, in order to make enough money to pay off her family's debt, and gain her freedom. She returned to Comodo in time to see her father for a few more days, before he passed on.


  • Edan Fuinur Paisean: Kerisu knows Edan's a good guy, but is annoyed at how he walks on eggshells around her, and wonders why a powerful wizard would sit on the sidelines rather than fight. He is a friend and fellow teacher at the Academy of Strategy
  • Simon Caelin: Kerisu met Simon when she wandered into the ice caves, Without Hesitation, Simon led her through the cave and slayed giant ice monstersfor her. She was impressed with his strength and focus, and found him very attractive. She met him a second time in Payon, after visiting her father on his deathbed. Simon was the only person to ever hear Kerisu's life story.
  • Cyril Xerxes: Cyril is Fascinated by Kerisu's Dog, Buster. Buster seems to have taken him "under his wing", and teaches him life lessons… in Engrish
  • Laurel Kaitlyn Luisliu: She can forgive Laurel for calling her Kerry because she respects her and considers her a friend.
  • Ilya 'Lupa' Telune: They first met in a dungeon. Kerisu had recently left her home in Comodo, and was hiding from the more powerful monsters. Lupa toyed with the idea of eating her, because Lupa's a wolf, and Kerisu's a bunny. Kerisu, being fresh out of an upper-middle-class human household, found the idea silly, and was therefore not threatened. Kerisu respects Lupa for her strength, but thinks she's very stubborn.
  • Jeremiah: Jeremiah beat up Kerisu after threatening to kill her dog. Kerisu does not like Jeremiah.
  • Tennolan: Tennolan healed Kerisu's head injury after the battle of Payon
  • Delilah Adelardi: Kerisu finds Delilah adorable, and will often keep her company at the academy. She made Delilah an Edan hand-puppet
  • Opsend: Opsend is a nice, funny guy, who's a little too sensitive.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Anything cheesey.
Special Skills: sewing, cooking, crafting, Forging, Haggling

After Sustaining Multiple blows to the head during the Battle of Payon, she became narcoleptic.

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