Kasa Lumo
Player Name Kaze

Character Name: Kasa Lumo (meaning “Hidden Light”)
Secondary Name: Red
Race: Alfar
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Height: 5’6”
Weight: 155lbs
Hair Colour: Red
Eyes Colour: Gray
Skin Tone: Tanned Complexion

Kasa’s distinct red hair and gray eyes give him an unusual appearance. His immediate appearance is relatively forboding, wearing leather armor with plates of light metal layers. He has a long balaclava wrapped around his neck for protection in the case of a sandstorm or other such weather ailments found in the desert. His light armor and clothing is cleverly designed to permit him to easily maneuver but protect his most vital parts.

His skin is notably tan from his frequent presence under the desert sun. His hair is well kept, but very long. He keeps most of his hair tied back and out of the way, and his bangs are kept slightly trimmed. He has a few scars from previous conflicts, but not of extreme degrees.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Nuetral+Justice

Around strangers and in the crowds, Kasa is very quiet. He frequently observes his surroundings with a keen eye, noticing any detail that may entail him with something useful. Around those that he is familiar with, he is open and joking. He normally is found paired with Scipovanta Ombro, or Shadow. He commonly speaks for him, and when speaking to strangers, he has a very proper tone, and carries many manners from several cultures.

Kasa is otherwise very kind. He frequently jokes with Shadow, making bets on the world around them. He is not very religious, but he has a strong faith in the god Gilglamesh. He strongly believes in equality amongst all beings, regardless of race. He also believes in the balance of the world, he will interfere with wrong-doings whenever he can, but will never try to disrupt the balance and flow of the world through his actions alone.


Character Age: Unknown
Birthdate: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown – Sablo Stormo

There is not much to Kasa’s past. He was adopted into Sablo Stormo as an infant, and raised to be a powerful tool to take life. He doesn’t ponder the sacredness of life or even the taking of it. He has been raised along with Shadow, looking up to him with respect. He now travels alongside Shadow.


  • Scipovanta Ombro: He is very close to Shadow. He was raised alongside him, and holds an immense amount of respect for him. He would never lie to Shadow, and would do anything to keep him alive and well.
  • Salest Mino: Kasa has a soft spot for Salest. Though he had met her rather recently, he holds a great deal of trust for her. Although Shadow reminds him to be cautious of outsiders, Kasa has completely overlooked his secrecy in exchange for being close to her.
  • Ilya 'Lupa' Telune: Kasa has only met Ilya a few times in Payon. He notices Shadow’s trust for her, but makes no comment to it or its reasoning.
  • Aviyara Lexicon: Kasa was welcomed by Avi in Payon during his second visit. Kasa holds an interest and respect for Avi, having an intelligent conversation with him about the equality of people.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Mostly anything. He prepares and cooks his own meals normally, and is skilled at preserving foods for long journeys.

Special Skills: Kasa has a tactical mind, able to develop effective plans to complete a job or objective. He prefers to fight alongside a familiar face, and dislikes doing tasks alone. He believes in power in the group.

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