Karith Parethes Mathens
Player Name Skylar

Character Name: Karith Parethes Mathens
Secondary Name:
Race: Alfar
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Height: 6’8”
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eyes Color: Green
Skin Tone: Slightly Tanned
When compared to his brother, Faeron, Karith is even fiercer with a lethal, more sinister air rather than wild violence and caries himself with a proud, composed posture in likeness to that of royalty. His soft green eyes are sharp, and his features pronounced, though not without the feminine grace of the Alfar. His lazy soft-brown hair is always clean and combed back, and his skin has very few scars, and free of any other markings.
He can almost always be found wearing a small fur coat dyed a Royal Indigo with white fur trimming over a just as small, tight, brown leather shirt, and matching pants. At his waist hangs a fur pelt matching his coat, reaching slightly above his ankles in the back. He wears a pair of white fingerless gloves made of thick leather, with raised knuckles, and a pair white, armor-plated boots.

Personality & Mannerisms
Disposition: Neutral

Karith, as he appears, is very proud and always tries to keep himself composed as an aspiring Thief King, keeping his public image in mind at all times in every situation. He is driven by ambition and the pride of the Alfar, seeking the throne of Thief King, and more, and his curiosity impossible to satisfy until he learns absolutely everything. He follows no code, and his only goal is to learn of everything, for in doing so he believes he would find a greater power than any other. Karith is also strict and does not tolerate insults, humiliation, or nonsense. More evidence of this is his composed attitude, and his clean, fresh appearance, as well as the fine condition of his weapons, in which he accepts no flaw for risk of a lethal mishap.
When dealing with others, Karith is cautious and always thinking of ways to try and sway people to further his goals be it through finding blackmail, threats, or even helping them so that they would fall in his debt. He can be pitiless and unforgiving, willing to end a person’s life no matter how they beg or plead. At the same time, violence has rarely been his first course of action, as killing someone would cut off a potential tool. He can also be kind and charitable to those he cares for or is in debt to under certain circumstances, his protective nature towards his youngest brother strong evidence towards this.
Because of the war between the Alfar and the Svartalfar, Karith despises the dark skinned elves, and took up the quest to reclaim the lost glory, even by becoming a god himself if need be. But no matter how, Karith remains dead set on reviving the Alfar title as the greatest of the races.

Character Age: 86
Birth date: October Fifth.
Birthplace: Alfhiem.
Occupation: Thief.
When his father died, shortly after Faeron had left Alfhiem for midgard, Karith took the mantle as the head of the family as he was the oldest living child and his mother ill. In the world of Alfhiem, Karith was little loved due to his cold and heartless attitude and his ruthless ways. He was always willing to fight for the pride of his family, learning when to stay his hand in favor for words, his tongue losing its wild edge and in whole emulating Royalty as best he could. When his youngest brother was born, their mother dying in labor, Karith became protective of the child, doing his best to raise him well. To his surprise, the young elf grew up kind and gentle, though not without the Alfar’s hate for the Svartalfar.
When Tithaefarason grew a little older, Karith consented to take him into Midgard, the land of Humans if he could master their language, a tongue Karith had already mastered should he ever need it. Years progressed as Karith watched him struggled to learn their language fully, faltering over syllables and confusing vowels as well as forgetting rules and their abundant exceptions. He refused to help him learn it, though always encouraging him when he asked for aid. But eventually the child did master it, yet Karith had more trials before he would leave Alfhiem. Tithae had to learn the names of cities, memorize the most recent maps, and all know all their laws by heart. Their royalty and other leader’s names drilled into his head, and all the names of monsters in the realm of Midgard before he would finally set off for the world of Humans.

When they entered the land of Midgard, Karith soon took plans to become Thief King, playing the slave market for the money needed for such a task.

Faeron – Younger Brother
The older of Karith’s two brothers. Karith tolerates his ruthless nature, until it becomes truly bothersome. On occasion, he may assist in one of Fae’s bounty huntings, or mingle in the slave market with him, but most often the two have as little dealings as possible.

Tithaefarason – Youngest Brother
Because Tithaefarason is the youngest of the three, Karith often feels obliged to protect him until he reaches The Age of Reason, or is capable of fighting like Faeron is. Until then, Karith keeps a watchful eye on the Tithae’s health and safety though not so much he smothers him and keeps him from developing the skills needed to deal with the world.

Misc Facts
Favorite Consumption: Honey and various Teas.
Special Skills: Archery, Stealth.

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