Jacqueline Minerva
Player Name Wolf

Character Name: Jacqueline Minerva.
Secondary Name: Bloodhound Soldier.
Race: Alfar.
Gender: Female.
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.


Height: 5'6".
Weight: 138lbs.
Hair Colour: Blond.
Eyes Colour: Hazel.
Skin Tone: Light Peach.

Jacqueline use to have long hair when she severed in the service, but after she was dishonorably discharged she cut her hair. She is a physically fit individual because of the service, and tries to remain in shape. Because of the squadron armor she use to wear it has morphed her body into a well built masterpiece. She has a flat stomach, moderately slender arms (slight muscles), moderately slender legs (slight muscle), curvy waist, and has 34B breast size. She doesn't have too many scars, but she does have a couple located on her back (gunshot scars). She also has a tattoo of a skull wearing a wizard hat on her lower forearm (this was her squad emblem). Generally her facial expressions look tense or stressed as a result from so many years in the service. Currently she wears short shorts, a vest-like top, a fur coat, and boots.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Unsure Nuetral.

Jacqueline is basically a lost soul. Ever since she was dishonorably discharged from the Schwaltzvalt army she has had many self doubts. She doesn't know who to trust, and who not to trust. Since she was 'betrayed' by her unit and people she has become a vagabond. She keeps to herself, and isn't really sure how to express herself. Having come from a military life she doesn't know how to act or live as a civilian. In addition she struggles with both her own emotional conflicts as well those that soldiers have rejoining civilian society. She used to be a person full of pride and loyalty, but all of that has been destroyed.


Character Age: 34 years old.
Birthdate: March 21st.
Birthplace: Einbroch.
Occupation: Vagabond.

[ To find out about Jacqueline you need to get the information out of her. ]

Jacqueline is a dishonorably discharged Schwaltzvalt Republic soldier.

Known formly by the title of 'The Blood Hound'.

She never was as popular as General Feng, but she was well known prior to her discahrge.

When General Feng took soldiers, and began a campaign to Payon to captured the run away slaves.
Jacqueline was out raged at the folishness of the general, and drew up the paperwork to take Feng to military court upon his arrival home regardless of his success or failure.
With full intention of sending General Feng to military jail Jacqueline quickly got herself a bad reputation.

When word of General Feng's death returned to the Schwaltzvalt Republic Jacqueline was not the least bit happy.
The army wanted to award General Feng awards for his fearless valor, but Jacqueline questioned the awards. Calling them not valor, but stupidity.
She also claimed that Feng should be noted as the worse General ever enlisted in the army. For leading a battlion to their death, and surely starting a war with another nation for no reason.

Needless to say because of her presistance she was dishonorably discharged, and banished from the Schwaltzvalt Republic.


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Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Unknown.
Special Skills: Stealth, Sword Combat, Bow Combat, and Basic Magic.

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