Iw`Ve Bewzi
Player Name Urufu

Character Name: Iw`ve Bewzi.
Secondary Name: Erk (for non-language speakers).
Race: Human.
Gender: Male.
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.


Height: 5'11".
Weight: 169lbs.
Hair Colour: Summer Blonde.
Eyes Colour: Sky Blue.
Skin Tone: Dark peach.

Iw've is a little taller then the average for humans. Reaching his maximum height of 5'10" — in addition to this he has a large boot size (size 14). He has spike up summer blond hair which is held up by his aviation goggles. The goggles themselves are kept on his upper forehead, hiding most of his forehead. Iw've also wears a weird arsenal of clothing including, but not limited to: a navy blue color jacket which he generally keeps draped over his shoulders, a grayish teal (like steel blue) pair of boots, he wears a greased up wife beater a lot (sometime he wears a gray shirt over it), and he wears black spacey pants.

His facial an body features are rugged and stern. Iw've is one of the most intimated people to be around — one reason is he is scowling most the time. He also has quick a bit of scars on his arms, and a massive amount on his back (which he got at a cave in during a seminar at the Einbech Mines).

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Uncaring Good.

Iw've is easily annoyed when around new people, but then again his patience is thin to begin with. He isn't the least bit afraid or worried about speaking his mind or let alone blatantly cursing someone out. He has some sort of rough business man personality to him. Meaning he aggressively talks a little too much (or too less) and he's too passionate about what he does. Iw've was taught growing up to never lie to someone even if the truth would steer people away, and it's one of his most dominate qualities. In addition he doesn't really care if people don't like him — he's the type that would sit alone happily as the world came to an end while smoking a cigarette. His manners are far from acceptable, and some of the things he does aren't the least bit safe. He'd smoke in a church, at a wedding, or in someone's home. He has even been know to smoke while working with chemicals/while mixing chemicals.


Character Age: 28 years old.
Birthdate: Feb. 28 (doesn't celebrate).
Birthplace: Splendide.
Occupation: Inventor & Potionalogist.

Iw've used to be quite a wealth man in his past. He had worked the majority of his life in the mining town of Manuk, and it was there that he had gained his fortune. The mining industry one of the greatest industries to get into because the elements collected during mining projects held global uses, and thus they could be sold everywhere. Iw've had a decently populated mining organization, but it was later disband after an incident at an auctioning he had witnessed. It was at this auction that he threw everything away just to save one life, that life being Moria's. Moria had been on auction, and Iw've exhausted every last bit of his zeny to purchase the girl (nearly winning the bid). Moria who thought his intentions we're for other reasons was shocked when he set her free as soon as they got out of the auction house. Not much is known about what accord afterward a side from the fact that Iw've left the town, and Moria followed Iw've out.


  • Moria Bewzi: is Iw've Bewzi's wife. They first meet in Splendide where she was being auctioned at the town's main hall. After observing more specifically the miners intentions for purchasing her (they all planned on pitching in and taking turns raping her) he quickly made the bold action to bid against them. Using every last bit of zeny he had he won the auction and Moria. With no zeny to his name and a dumbfounded grin he immediately set her free after the auction (and a quick cigarette). Curiosity lead her to follow him around, and get to know him better. Then at a later date they married.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Any sort of tea.
Special Skills: Relatively fast learner.

  • In his religion birthdays are not celebrated, and because of this he doesn't celebrate his birthday. His wife Moria on the other hand encourages that he celebrates his birthday as a reward and to grind his gears.
  • Iw've is only knowledgeable in one language which is Iyfa Fciy've (Easy Speak).
  • Iw've has an obsession with tea of any sorts, but never approves of it's taste. No tea has yet to match his expectations.
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