Player Name Karith

Character Name: Ithel

Secondary Name:

Race: Lupus

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Hetero


Height: 4’10”

Weight: 85 lbs.

Hair Colour: White

Eyes Colour: Yellow

Skin Tone: Light Tan

Ithel has a small, slender frame with tight, compact muscles. His skin has a light tan, and his albino white hair hangs down to his shoulders, his bangs often hanging down over his bright yellow eyes until he is forced cut it just to be able to see. These rare occasions are the only times his hair can be seen cut short. His grey-white ears, almost blending into his albino white hair, often poke out of the sea of white, and like most Lupus, they’re direct windows to his emotions.
While Ithel might be seen in various outfits, he most often wears a deviation of the rogue suit, with a small, blue, composite vest made from various materials, sun bleached fur lining the seams. His night black pants are plain and simple, with more sun bleached fur around the ankles and hang down over a pair of boots the same blue as his vest. Said pants are held up by a skull-buckled belt from which a pair of bead chains hanging down on the sides. His tail, like his ears, is often a good indication of his emotions, and pokes out of the waist of his pants. Lastly, he wears a pair of studded black leather bands hug his wrists tightly to complete his outfit.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Neutral

Ithel, being a Lupus pup, is rather energetic and outgoing. He will not hesitate to introduce himself to someone new, or pounce on someone he knows. He is also incredibly curious, and will ask more questions that most can answer, or unconsciously start digging through someone’s bags or pockets.
When particularly or excited, Ithel becomes rather pushy and impatient, and will try to rush everyone until his excitement has passed or his attention is captured by something else.
Used to reading body language and tone, Ithel might seem slightly empathetic, when in truth he is just more aware of expressions. Being this in tune with how people express their emotions, Ithel will often try and cheer anyone up, if he notices they’re upset. He is also affected by the atmosphere, and will become agitated if everyone around him acts hostile, or depressed if everyone is moping.


Character Age: Six[Twelve]

Birth Date: January Twentieth

Birthplace: Comodo

Occupation: Orphan

Ithel, a freeborn Lupus, has been an orphan for as far back as he can remember. Most of his time is spent in the Sograt Deserts, though he instinctively shies away from people around or inside the city Morroc, and has learned to hide in the shadows to avoid their sight. Another good portion of his time is spent in the payon forests hunting for his own food, or helping around the docks in Alberta for small pay or a handful of the fish.


· Ilya 'Lupa' Telune: His mentor in the Assassin arts. As an Adult Lupus, Ithel instinctively drifts to her when she’s around, thought he does not need her to function in day-to-day life like a child would with his actual parents.

· Lupa: Another Lupus Pup like himself, whom Ithel is hoping to start a pack with, though he hasn’t brought it up yet.

· Aisen: A crusader Lupa is often around. Has, on more than one occasion, said Ithel asks to many dumb questions. Despite Lupa's obvious fondness of the male, Ithel can't help but take resent being continuously put down.

· Loreli Kapple: A Human whom Ithel has met his first night in Payon, and though he has yet to see her again, he already considers her a friend.

· Laurel Kaitlyn Luisliu: An Alfar Ithel knows, and thought he liked her at first, he is now particularly nervous around her after she accused him of stealing and slapped him.

· Edan Fuinur Paisean: An Alfar mage Ithel met only once, but learned right away that the Alf responds rather slowly.

· Delilah Adelardi: A Lupus Pup Ithel met in Payon, and although he doesn’t see the Lupus-Mage often, he still counts her a friend.

· Ariel: An Alfar Ithel is fond of.

· Opsend: A Nanabohzo who apparently isn’t for eating. Ithel met Opsend his first night in Payon, and immediately liked the man.

· Tennolan: Yet another Alf Ithel met, albeit briefly. Ithel is unsure if she’s friend or not. At first, she insulted both Laurel and dogs by saying that the Alf acts like dogs, insinuating that it was bad. But afterwards, scratched his ears for a while, immediately putting Ithel back in a good mood.

· Elysander Branstein: A man Ithel met once in payon, and ended up running around the Payon castles with for a bit. Ithel met him once, but enjoyed his company a great deal.

· Zeno Von Descabil An Alf who smells like a giant sword, Ithel only met him once, though they did not talk for long.

· Kiernan O'Rourke: A man Ithel knows simply as ‘The man who’s usually around Ilya’.

· Lariam Alsconti: An Alf Ithel met on his birthday. As a gift, Ithel gave the boy shades enchanted for combat that Laurel had given to him several days earlier.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Raw Meats

Special Skills: Katar use?

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