Ice Necklace Quest

Level Requirements: I don't know?
Quest Reward: Base Experience, ability to fight Ice Salamander Ktullanux.

1. In Rachel (157, 183 rachel), you'll find the Sincere Follower, Ustialla. Talk to her and agree to help her. She will give you the Ashy Necklace

2. On floor 2 of the dungeon you will find Maheo frozen in ice (121,104). He will tell you his embarasing story, and ask that you get his master to help free him.

3. Go back to the city of Rachel, and near the top of the lake in the bottom right you will find Hamion (264, 98). He will ask that you bring him 5 Rough Winds, 1 Hammer, and 1 Blank Scroll. When you bring him these items, he will give you the wind hammer.

4. Return to Maheo and use the hammer to smash the ice. He will reward you by recovering Ustialla's Necklace. You will also recieve 4 Frozen Powder.

5. Return to Ustialla for your reward.

6. (Optional) Using the 4 Frozen Powder, you can put out the 4 sacred fires that surround the seal at the center of the map. Once put out, the boss monster Ktullanux will appear.

7. Once you have completed steps 1-5 (Not necessary to fight Ktullanux) you can sell Glacial Hearts to Mohadin in Rachel (rachel 113, 97) for 375 Zeny apiece.

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