"Made in the shiny image of the now deceased Humans."

Appearance: Humes are always aging depending upon situations in their life. Normally when their in their late 60 to 70s they develop gray hair, but they can also get gray hairs from stress. Their aging processes isn't fast, but it isn't slow, and it is never ending until they die.

Max Height: 6'5".

Life Expectancy: 75 years old.

Dominant Traits: Ignorant, Arrogant, Versatile, Emotional, and Self-conscious.

About the Race: Descendants to humans they were made in the image of their predecessors. As such, the Hume’s personality is similar in many ways to the Humans. In their greed and thirst for power they began to take over Midgard, building cities from the lively forests to the chocked deserts and even developing a handful of guilds such as the Merchant Guild, Thief Guild, and eventually the Gunslinger Guild. They called it Rune-Midgard. In their greed still, they began to fight amongst themselves for control, each naming himself or herself the ruler. Amidst this Chaos, Tristan the First stepped up and began organizing a group he called the Swordsman Guild with the goal to quiet the storm that was their race. From there pieces fell into place and Tristan became king, the Swordsmen that supported him named Knights to uphold the laws. Yet some were still unsatisfied. Breaking off from Rune-Midgard, with a group of supporters, a High Priest claiming to be working for the god set out to make his own land, his greed disguised as a holy crusade. Naming himself Pope of the new lands known as Arunefeltz, Jalir convinced his people that his bloodline had been chosen by the gods, and that all who followed him would find eternal glory, leading the people of Rachel to Rune-Midgard to convert the civilians mislead by Tristan.

While some came and some stayed, Jalir was unsatisfied with only partial control of the world’s population and declared war on the ‘Unholy’ kingdom lead by the demon Tristan. Not wanting to get caught in the war, many left Rune and became the nation known as Schwartzwald. While having abandoned Tristan before the Holy War had begun to take course, the king still gave aid and advised the growing nation, an act of generosity and faithfulness to his people that shook the Arunefeltz people’s faith in their pope. With the rapid decline in their pope’s power, Arunefeltz began to slip back into the chaos their race started in. Overthrowing his Father, Jalir’s son Corsin became the Pope of Arunefeltz, claiming his Father was no longer acting in the interests of the people or the gods but only in his greed. While smaller than the others, Arunefeltz began to prosper under their new Pope’s rule, though like many, Corsin was ruled by his greed. Under the Church, a forbidden sanctuary to all but himself, Corsin began attempting his own twisted experiments.

Unfortunately, while the lands had been quieted, the Hume still strove for power and wars still broke out again and again. Sometimes from overseas, and sometimes from neighboring kingdoms who had once stood together in the past. It had been when the Hume had begun to grasp magic they believed to be gifts from their respective deities that the Alfar showed themselves in Midgard, introducing Magic and Archery to the world. Following the Elves, as the Hume called them, came the Svartalfar or Dark Elves introducing a few to darker magic resulting in the Assassin’s Guild, a large cult worshiping the darker gods whom the Svartalfars claimed to be messengers of. And yet, despite the wisdom the Alfar gave, the Hume were still prone to their strive for power, creating even more races through Alchemy in an attempt to play god. The first of their experimental homunculi were the Nanabohzo, Hume in appearance but with Rabbit traits. Lacking control of the Homunculi, the Hume dubbed them failures and turned to different animals, the Fox. The Kumiho, again, were a failure and the Hume forsook them for the Ailourus. Hume in appearance, like the Kumiho and Nanabohzo, The Ailourus however were Feline, as opposed to Vulpine or Rodents like their predecessors. Again, the Hume attempted Homunculi, creating the Lupus, this time Hume with Canine traits. While all four had been a failure, the Hume attempted once more, creating what are known as Lif, Vanilmirth, Amister, and Filir. These beings were easily controlled, and though they were not total successes, they were by far the failures they had created with the past tests.

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