How Combat Works

There is more then one way for someone to battle on role playing servers. Specially when it comes to a player vs another player. If you have other ways please PM GM Wolf via forum.

Commands To Know

@me: this command verbally says an action that your character is doing. Simple @me then leave a space and type the action you are doing.
@duel: this allows your character to invite people to duel. You must use this command prior to inviting someone to a duel.
@invite: this allows you to invite another character to a duel, and once they accept you are free to fight.
@accept: this accepts the duel invitation, and allows you to fight the person.
@leave: once the fight is over you type this to leave the duel status. Which you must do to operate your character fully after the duel.

PvP Full Out

PvP meaning Player vs Player. Remember going onto a PvP map, and just attacking anyone who dare challenged you? That's basically what this is. Instead of announcing or rolling dice this is live action combat where you have to be quick on your feet, and use everything your have in your arsenal. Everything counts when you're PvPing. Not that you can really prepare for every battle, but make sure you check the following before hand: weapon, armor, equipment, stats, and hot keys. Doing this could really help you fight to your character's true potential.

After your done checking if your ready. Just duke it out either in a PvP area, by using our Durian fruit, or by the @duel command.

Of course, you are welcome to roleplay more "dramatic" fights between players. Should you require an element of randomness, the /dice command is always available to you. However, no one may force another player into a roleplay fight.

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