"The sacred burial ground of the Fallen."


Quest Information

Available: (not implemented yet).

Parts: 2 Part Quest.

Rank: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Reward: Naruirita (God Item - Accessory).

Information: "It was foretold that most of the bodies of the gods that fought in the final war, Ragnarok, were retrieved, and brought a secret burial ground. Many myths sparked throughout the lands about this burial ground, but nothing was ever proven. Only one thing was ever released to public knowledge which was the name of the location, Herania. Suspicion has arose that a mysterious man in Gonyrun may know about Herania."

Mysterious Riddles

Two riddles are believed to be the key to finding, and figuring out how to get to Herania.

Riddle 1

"In between two trees I lay where you may see my solum grave. With a fellow on my left and another on my right I take the lead in position. Two symbols of life on my left and on my right cloaked half in the shadow of what the world has to offer. I alone choose the shadow too because I'm one of the few 'pure' individuals which can stay among it and be holy."

Riddle 2

"No mortal instrument, tool, or spell will help you on your quest. Know that passage to what you seek is above your mouth, but not over your nose. None will pass or go without escort from a gift. Only will it be given when the choosen words are spoken at the resting place of the acotyles that rose their fist rather then bit their lip. Shed a tear for me but don't bother bringing me some flowers I already have some. Trees and shadows still remain."

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