Help Mr Zabaroo Quest

Item Requirements: 5 Steel, 5 Maneater Roots, 2 Glacial Hearts
Quest Rewards: 300,000 Base EXP, 3 Elunium

1. Go to Veins Field 5, and talk to to the Wincing Old Man (Zabaroo) (257, 130). His back has given out, and he needs you to talk to Absar in the Veins tool shop for him.

2. Head to Veins, and find Abasar (ve_in 169, 310). Answer with "…" and when he asks, tell him you're there for Zabaroo.

If you say "Excuse Me," you interfere with an experiment, and lose some HP in the process.

3. Abasar says he'll help, but needs some items. Bring him 5 Steel, 5 Maneater Roots, and 2 Glacial Hearts. He makes the device for you, a "claw," and tells you to deliver it to Zabaroo.

4. Walk back to Zabaroo, and give him the device. He thanks you and asks you to deliver some of the stones to the factory in town for him.

5. Enter the factory (veins 269, 226), and talk to the Factory Manager (37, 28). He tells you to give the rocks to the Factory Worker (54, 49).

6. After handing over the rocks, go back to Zabaroo, who thanks you and gives you a reward.

Receive some Base EXP and 3 Elunium.

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