Hallstein Bjorn
Player Name Karith

Character Name: Hallstein Bjor
Secondary Name: N/A.
Race: Human.
Gender: Male.
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.


Height: 6'2".
Weight: 246lbs.
Hair Colour: Blond
Eyes Colour: Brown
Skin Tone: Dark Tan.

Hallstein is a large, powerful man who is thick around the arms and chest. Standing at six foot two, he towers over most men, and his powerful muscles making him just as massive. His hair is cut long, hanging a few inches past his shoulders, and his face is scraggly and unshaven.
For clothes, Hallstein wears a simple loose shirt that hangs open, revealing his broad chest and his powerful stomach. In addition he wears a pair of jeans tailored for his thick legs along with a pair of heavy boots.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Neutral.

Hallstein isn’t quite the monster he looks to be. He’s jovial man who loves to drink a bit much, but he isn’t a drunkard. He isn’t violent either, but he will not stand back and watch a good man be hurt, or a kind lady for that matter. Hallstein also believes a man should return all his favors, and will give a hundred and ten percent back what is due. He will never break his promises, because to him a man is worth only as much as his word, and frowns on those who break their oaths. Neither will he give his word lightly, either, and does not trust a man until he himself has proven his own word, and will not trust a man who has broken his word until he has redeemed himself. He accepts most challenges to his manhood, so long as they are not womanly tests such as knitting. He respects those who will likewise not back down from a challenge and at least try their best, unless they try to hard. Then they’re just fools.

The things most important to Hallstein are his word, family, the ability to laugh, and a man’s freedom. He strongly disagrees with the slavery, and indeed will assist the furred races as he would any one else. He is blind to race, and would treat an Alfar, Svartalfar, humans and the furred as if they were the same race.


Character Age: Thirty-Eight.
Birth Date: October Fifth.
Birthplace: Alberta.
Occupation: Black Smith.

Hallstein lived a simple life of a blacksmith’s apprentice in Alberta until his master died and he took up the craft. For several winters, Hallstein spent his time forging wares and selling them, eventually hiring a large man by the name of Carlisle. Normally, he’d hire a youth to give him a taste of adventure, but youths had a way of mixing up their priorities. This worked greatly for quite some time, and Hallstein enjoyed having the other man around, even if most others couldn't understand his accent. Rather than treating the man as a boy who worked under him, Halstein treated the man as someone who worked with him. When at last the man quit, to make his own living, Halstein was left to make the deliveries himself.

On one such trip, into Lighthalzen, Halstein picked up a Lupus pup, whom he would later name Leifr, on his way back, having just enough spare zeny to get him out of bondage. What Halstein didn’t expect was the trouble involved in raising a kid. He was busy with his work, and couldn’t feed himself and the lad if he didn’t work. So, he watched the Leifr for several weeks until he decided to send him to the Chivalry and learn the art of combat. He funded the boy’s chivalry life, and made all the weapons and armors the boy would need during his life in the Chivalry.

He did not get much time with the boy, only the occasional visit has his training could not wait for long, but on the holidays the boy did visit, and occasionally his visits coincided with Carlisle’s, though the boy never could understand Carlisle’s accent.

When Hallstein had heard that Leifr had gone missing, he had become sick with worry until at last one of Leifr’s friends reported that he’d been returned, though he was not himself anymore, that he had been enslaved. Deciding to move to Prontera, so as to be closer to his adopted son, Hallstein watched as the boy slowly returned to his old self under the tutelage of the knight Hakon. In turn, Hallstein’s life slowly evened back out, and he began forging armor and weapons more smoothly and sold them to the chivalry, and selling jewelry to noble women.


Carlisle Fionnghal: Hallstein's best friend and old 'Delivery Boy'. Carlisle is a man as large as himself, though he has an uncanny resilience not found in many men even his size. Hallstein may not ask many favors of Carlisle, but firmly believes that if he did, the man would get the job done.

Leifr:Hallstein's adopted son. Leifr is by no means anywhere as massive as Hallstein himself, though he has proven to be quite strong, able to handle some of Hallstein's heavier tools with semi-ease. Hallstein loves the Lupus boy as if he were his own son, and would go out of his way to help him if asked.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Roasted meats and Ale.
Special Skills: Metal working.

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