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Building this server has been a tedious process for us, requiring long hours, long nights, and extensive Red Bull bills. (…technically Leeva drinks tea, but you get the idea.) While we're proud of the work we've done and are continuing to do, it does cut into our funsies time quite a bit.

I can't speak for the rest of my team, but I'm a full-time student in a science major. I know for a fact I don't have the time to maintain a school schedule, do my lab research, administrate the server, and still have the hours required to create new characters and properly gear them.

But at the same time, it's not fair to you guys for me to simply poof new toons into existence every time I want to try something different. You all had to work to make your characters great; just because my name has the word GM in it doesn't mean I should get to bypass that.

So Leeva, Wolf and I put our heads together, and we came up with a solution that allows us to convert our server-administration time into game rewards in a way we can validly quantify. I call it the Man-Hours Recompensation Program, and I'm extending it to you, the players, since anyone who works for the benefit of the server should be rewarded.

The Man-Hours Recompensation Program relies on the conversion of man-hours. A man-hour is defined as "one quantifiable hour of work done for the server." Each of those terms requires further elaboration.

• One Hour: It must be a full hour. You can add up several partial man-hours to make one hour, but you cannot redeem a quarter-man-hour.
• Quantifiable: It must have led to a result everyone can see. (Yes, this means I've lost access to the two weeks of monkeying-around I did to make the server work as sources of man-hours, since nothing visible came of them.)
• Work: It must have been work. Spending an hour sitting around some other server telling them to come join Reveon does not count, even though it might lead to a measurable result (new players joining). Surfing eA's boards for someone else's scripts for an hour also does not count.
• For The Server: It has to be for the benefit of ReveonRO, with a measurable degree of exclusivity. This is to keep us GMs in line - we can't start saying "well I spent time studying today, time that could have been spent leveling my characters - free SinX for me!". That's not right or fair to you guys.

For each man-hour generated, you may trade it in for any one of the following. You may stack the bonuses onto one character, spread them across many characters, or even create entirely new characters with them - the choice is yours.

Each man hour can be redeemed for one of the following:

• A character leveled from 1/1 novice to 45/1 second job (assassin, monk, etc) or 45/30 firstjob (taekwon, supernovice, etc).
• A 45+ character gaining ten base and ten job levels. Job conversions are done automatically at job level 50 (or 40 if requested) but must be specified beforehand and cannot be redacted once given.
• One full job change. This means converting your level 96/45 assassin into a 96/45 wizard.
• One iRO-droprate 0.01%-drop item from any non-MVP source, or one 10%-drop item from an MVP source. (All MVP drops must be run past the GM Triumvirate, and all three GMs must agree on the item's validity as a source of recompensation.)
– This can be stacked. One 0.01% drop can become ten 0.1% iRO drops, or a hundred 1% iRO drops. We recommend you check for official drop rates.
– This can also be stacked over multiple man-hours. Two man hours doubles the value rarity of an item; three man hours triples it. (One man hour for a 10% MVP drop; two man hours for a 5% MVP drop; three for a 3% drop; ten for a 1% drop. Obviously it will be relatively impossible for someone to get MVP cards this way unless they commit superhuman lengths of time to the server.)

All requests for redeeming man-hours must be submitted to myself, GM Moshi, as emails sent to my official server "work" email, vorast dot elandor at geemayle dot cawm. (Sound it out, my non-robotic minions.) Submissions must be in the following format each time you try to redeem hours:

Subject line: Man-Hours Recompensation Request Form for <your account name here>
––Body of Email Below––
NAME: Account Name of person submitting form
CHAR: Name of character receiving benefits (or name of new character if new character is being created)
TIME: Number of hours being redeemed on this character
• Bulleted list of reward options being chosen for this character
• Each bullet must be one reward
• Notate at the end of each bullet how many hours each bullet is worth.

A sample submission sheet:

Subject line: Man-Hours Recompensation Request Form for Moshi

NAME: Moshi
CHAR: Lexicon
• Creation to level 45/1 assassin (1)
• Level raised to 75/31 assassin (3)
• 3 Hydra cards in inventory (3)

I will be storing every request form I receive, so if anyone ever cries foul on someone's gains I can provide quantified proof of how they gained them.

Anyone who wishes to gain man-hours (or simply has something they want to add to the server) should feel free to contact me either ingame or at the aforementioned email.

~GM Moshi

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