Player Name None

Name: Skag (refuses to be called that)
Secondary Name: Gilgamesh (took on this name)
Race: Unknown.

  • UnknownFather
  • Unknown Mother


Gilgamesh is most likely one of the most fearsome (believed) deities to exist. Nothing in comparison to a jötunn, but still very large. In his natural form he is believed to be 8'10" (this of course is not including the height his helmet). Gilgamesh's face is almost always hidden behind his helmet which is wrapped with a crimson shawl. It is said that visible areas of Gilgamesh's complexion is grey (& because of such it is believed so is the rest of his body). A common mistake is that people assume that Gilgamesh has no eyes, but in fact he does (just they're never seen). One of Gilgamesh's most noticeable features in his natural form is his six arms (which some believe he can sprout another two). He generally dresses in crimson red colors (sometimes redish orange colors), and is always wearing a mythical armor set. The armor set consisting of: helmet, armor, gloves, and shield. In an odd scary looking way he has a demonic king looking appearance to him — between the horn protruding from his helmet, and his six (to eight) arms.

Note: All of the information listed above however is a description of Gilgamesh's true form. It is believed that he has the ability to shift/morph into different beings. So his presence is never for sure unless he comes forth in his true form.

What is Known

It is unknown if this deity truly exist, but…

Gilgamesh was an actual king of an ancient Sumerian region. He is also the main character of the Epic of Gilgamesh, which is among one of the earliest known literary works.

The Epic of Gilgamesh centers around the epic king and demi-god Gilgamesh and the wild man Enkidu, who was sent to kill him. After a fight between the two in which Gilgamesh defeats Enkidu, they become loyal friends and embark on several epic adventures.

Their first quest entails traveling to the great Cedar Forest to chop down the mightiest tree and bring it back to Uruk with them. First, however, they must kill the guardian of the forest, the mighty Humbaba. After fighting and defeating Humbaba, he begs Gilgamesh and Enkidu to be merciful and spare his life. Gilgamesh wants to let Humbaba go, but Enkidu convinces Gilgamesh to kill Humbaba. Gilgamesh and Enkidu cut down the largest tree in the Cedar Forest and return to Uruk.

Some time after their return, Enkidu is killed by a fatal disease sent by the gods they worshiped. After watching Enkidu suffer for twelve days before dying, Gilgamesh is afraid of death and wants to become immortal. After a long quest, and several times coming close to dying, he reaches his ancestor who shows him the key to retaining youth.

He shows Gilgamesh where to find a plant that will have the same effect as the elixir of life, granting him eternal life as long as he continues to use the plant. After obtaining the plant and leaving for home, Gilgamesh put the plant down to bathe, where a snake came up and ate it. After that, Gilgamesh has to return home depressed that he lost the immortality when he had taken such a long quest to get it. However, he learns a valuable lesson, that true immortality can be gained by leaving a legacy for others to learn from and aspire to.



  • ?????? — Gilgamesh's strongest weapon. It is a giant scimitar weapon which is suppose to be a two-handed sword.
  • Excalibur — Gilgamesh's second most powerful weapon. The sword is believed to be the sword of all swords.
  • Masamune — Gilgamesh's least favorite weapon. A long slender oriental weapon.
  • ?????? — Gilgamesh's weakest weapon. It is rumored that mortals can survive a blow from the pike.
  • Halbred — Gilgamesh's most reveered weapon. A long two-handed pike which he wields with one hand.
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