Gerard Rosenkreuz
~ Player Name Fireshade

"The most pure whether good or evil would always come out triumphant." ~ Gerard Rosenkreuz

Character Name: Gerard Sieghart Rosenkreuz
Secondary Name: Sieghart
Race: Lupus
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Height: 6'7
Weight: 182 lbs.
Hair Colour: Greyish White
Eyes Colour: Brown.
Skin Tone: Pale White.

Spiky greyish hair. He wears a black steel body armor with golden linings some resembling a cross. Pauldrons also follow the same design and color scheme the armor has paired with black steel gauntlets of the same design. Greaves follow the same pattern complemented by the waist armor, with crosses on the knee caps. Flowing black cape.

His butler uniform is composed of basic tuxedo and slacks with a shiny gold monocle.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Neutral

Gerard is a possessive and overprotective person. He cares too much for everything important to him up to the point that some will get annoyed by his actions. He often says phrases that are out of line which will create different reactions from other people. Quite hardheaded and stubborn as he will fight for what he thinks is right.

Even though he has an unpredictable bad temper, he still has a soft side for those close to him. His passion and dedication to his work is commendable which makes him a very cunning foe, strong adversary and a loyal defender.


Character Age: 35
Birthdate: November 1.
Birthplace: Rachel
Occupation: Butler, Guardian.

At Gerard's early age he was but one of the few that tried to escape enslavement. His 'pack' succeeded yet they were quickly dispatched by a group of Rekenber troops and specialists employed by the scientists. Near his beaten and bloody body was death. He crawled on the desert with the last of his stamina to cross the desert. As he faded out by the heat of the sun a man, who was known to be as Yulia's father, saved and took him in.

As Gerard recuperated at the man's mansion, he saw the kindness of the man in question. He was offered food, clothes and money. It was more a slave could ask for. Gerard almost treated the man as his own god. Gerard with new found principles decided to be a part of the servants of the man. It was at that moment what he thought was best.

As years passed Gerard became a splendid butler of the family. He was trained by the head butler and his dedication to the family let him become more skilled. The time then came where the head left the household. The last words he heard were "Be always at the side of my daughter/s." It was a very sad moment as he suddenly felt that the master won't come back but he kept to his word and did his work.

He improved his devotion to the family and to his training. The head butler taught him how to use the sword and the holy elements which he uses to protect the young miss Yulia.


  • Yulianna Luce Crestheart: Her friend and employer. Gerard is the personal butler and bodyguard of Yulianna Crestheart.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Loves milk for the bones. Cheese.
Special Skills: Protecting, Provoking others, Butler Services.

Loves saying weird phrases which makes other people feel odd.

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