Player Name GM Lupa

Race: Ásynjur.

  • Njǫrðr Mother
  • Freyr Brother


What is Known

Freyr and Freyja come from Germanic words meaning "lord" and "lady" respectively (cf. German Frau "woman, wife", Gothic Frauja "the Lord"). While there are some sources suggesting that she was called on to bring fruitfulness to fields or wombs, in Eddas she was portrayed as a goddess of fertility, love, beauty, and attraction. Freyja was also a goddess of war, death, magic, prophecies and wealth. Freya is cited as receiving half of the dead lost in battle in her hall Sessrúmnir, whereas Odin would receive the other half.

Correspondingly, Freyja was at times one of the most popular goddesses. According to Snorri's Ynglinga saga, Freyja was a skilled practitioner of the seiðr form of magic and introduced it amongst the Æsir.

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