Fionelle Lacrimosa Heartfilia
Player Name Runa

Character Name: Fionelle Lacrimosa Heartfilia
Secondary Name: Fion
Race: Alfar
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Height: 5’7
Weight: 122
Hair Colour: Dark red
Eyes Colour: Jade
Skin Tone: Light-skinned

Fionelle's face is never fully visible but from the structure of her face one can presume that she is an attractive Alfarian woman. Fionelle looks young, as if she is in her twenties. She possesses the slender graceful beauty of the Alfarian race, a lean body with a small chest and long legs. Fionelle eludes a mysterious aura; following the tradition of her family her face is always hidden behind a stylish mask. Her natural hair color is one of her many mysteries. It is bleached or dyed to a dark red color. She wears an earring in her left ear that extends in a form of a chain to the upper part of her ear. Fion always appears to be very well-dressed. Her garments made out of expensive high-quality fabric and adorned with alluring designs. The color she wears the most is red, which is her favorite color.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Business Neutral

Fionelle is a very mysterious individual. She always wears a diplomatic smile on her face and handles situations in a very calm manner. It makes it almost impossible for others to offend her, and even if she may be angered her smile would still remain. Fion seems to be cool, logical and rational. However, her attitude is also very ‘business-like’. She won't do anything that does not have benefits for her. Fionelle can come off as detached but she can be quite kind and reasonable. It's almost impossible for others to understand what she is exactly thinking at all.

Fionelle carries herself with an air of elegance and pride. It is important for her to act in a civilized, lady-like manner. She is well trained in fighting but is type that would hire bodyguards than to pull her own blade. She is a bit of a perfectionist, everything that she does will be guaranteed to be flawless.


Character Age: Around 35-38
Birthdate: February 22nd
Birthplace: Alberta
Occupation: Owner of Heartfilia Company

Fionelle comes from a wealthy merchant family located in Alberta. Not much is known about her, or her family, they rarely ventured out from their estate a few miles north of the city. Even if one of them were to come out, their faces remains hidden behind a mask. Her mother had died at child birth, and the mansion has a few servants. Her father is never home, thus she was raised by the head butler of the household. Fionelle officially inherited the Heartfilia company when she was seventeen, the family business which has been on decline over the years. With her new leadership, the company began to take a turn and has expanded into a decent sized and successful business.


Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Anything spicy.
Special Skills: Sword-fighting

  • The Heartfilia Company produces a wide range of products, ranging from man-hole covers to perfume and many more.
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