Faeron Calebri Mathens
Player Name Skylar

Character Name: Faeron Calebri Mathens
Secondary Name: Fae
Race: Alfar
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight


Height: 6’4”
Weight: 175lbs
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eyes Colour: Sapphire Blue
Skin Tone: Pale

Faeron’s appearance isn’t quiet what one would expect from a race as refined as the Alfar. His hair dyed a bright fiery red-orange and spiked up, and his features, while soft with a touch of feminine, do not fail to reflect a cocky, almost menacing air that masks the beauty found in most elves. His eyes alight with a vigorous, driven spirit and a slight of malice, and carries himself with a self-assured posture and typically seen with a smirk when interacting with others, be they humans, elves, or any other manor of creature and almost always posed for a fight, like a cat waiting to spring on its victim. Across his pale skin, Faeron has splashes of colorful markings similar to tribal marks in fierce fiery colors.

His outfit consists of an orange-red fur coat and leather shirt, matching pants, Red-yellow gloves and orange-red boots, blending into a fiery color scheme that stands out, rather than blends in with the environment as hunters typically wear. Around his neck hangs a loose, plain red-orange leather necklace, and on his left wrist he wears a simple bracelet with wooden charms, each symbolizing the most memorable events in his life, like his own personal memoir.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Chaotic Neutral

Faeron, as his appearance suggests, is cocky, violent and impulsive, with a hot temper to boot. He loves a bit more of a flare in his life, and can become violent quickly, especially in an aggressive or competitive atmosphere. He’s always up for a good fight, but refuses to accept challenges from people he doesn’t think will offer him any challenge. Being an elf, nine of ten challenges are refused unless he is pissed off, in which case he easily snaps into sudden assaults. After a fight, if pumped enough, Faeron will continue his assault, often kicking a downed opponent, more often worse. Because of his desire for violence, easily on par with a Svartalfar’s, Faeron enjoys his life as a Bounty Hunter, usually taking on jobs involving fighting beasts, body guard duty, and tracking down runaway slaves or capturing new slaves.

He’s not entirely blood thirsty, however. He is capable of compassion, but rarely shows it. It is also worth noting that, towards Dark Elves, Faeron gets almost doubly violent.


Character Age: 48
Birthdate: November 8th
Birthplace: Alfhiem
Occupation: Bounty Hunter

As a mercenary, Faeron lived a somewhat unique life compared to other more peaceful Alfar, passing from one job to another, picking up only the most violent ones he could. When work was scarce, he had a tendency to become violent from boredom, amusing himself by lashing out towards other Alfar. Despite this, he was somewhat tolerated if only for his services for certain officials. When the Alfar began moving into Midgard, Faeron followed in seek of better work, and Although the Dark Elves were preferred mercenaries by the Dark Elves, Fae made his living as a Bounty Hunter, tracking down runaway slaves, capturing new ones, or helping bring down beasts. And though it was nothing to write home about, Faeron easily earned decent pay in Schwartzvald as a Slave-Tracker.


• Karith – Older Brother
As the eldest of the three, Karith holds the position of the head of the three, and has become something of a rival to Fae because of it. Faeron and Karith rarely get along or see eye to eye, which often causes disputes. As such, the two siblings rarely speak.

• Tithaefarason – Younger Brother
The youngest brother by far, Tithae is subject to Faeron’s mocking, often picked on by the older brother because he is so much younger until Karith puts a temporary end to it. Faeron does not feel particularly attached to his younger brother, but is on much better terms with him than he is with his older brother Karith.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Bread
Special Skills: Archery, Falcon Care.

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