Factory Quest

Item Requirements: 10 Rusty Screw, 20 Flexible Tubes, 10 Used Iron Plate
Quest Reward: Base EXP

1. Inside the Einbroch Factory, you find a friendly factory supervisor, Zelmeto (ein_in01 67 242). He'll tell you about the hardship and under manpower in the factory. So you decide to help him. He asks you to inspect parts inside the factory.

2. He tells you which part that needs examining. Go check each one and return to him then he'll tell you to check the next.

A. 2nd Control Panel (ein_in01 48 232)
B. 3rd Pressure Governor (ein_in01 108 216)
C. Main Control Panel (ein_in01 62 257)
D. Conveyor (Small) (ein_in01 45 197)
E. Pipe (ein_in01 100 265)
F. Conveyor (Large) (ein_in01 94 234)

3. Zelmeto will talk to the manager and request that the parts be fixed. You follow him outside the factory and see the big fat ugly Liotzburg (einbroch 132, 84). He is the factory manager, but you found out he's too stingy to use his money for the factory.

4. Go inside and find Zelmeto again. Zelmeto can fix the broken parts if he have 20 Flexible Tubes (Metaling), 10 Rusty Screw (Teddy Bear/Metaling) and 10 Used Iron Plate (Old Stove).

5. Give him the materials. After he fixes the part, he thanks you and you get some EXP.

6. Receive some Base EXP depending on your Base Level.

Base Level < 41: 615
Base Level < 51: 3,075
Base Level < 61: 6,604
Base Level < 71: 18,508
Base Level < 81: 32,062
Base Level < 91: 76,026
Base Level < 99: 290,675

7. Talk to Zelmeto again. He will mention something about the machinery being so old and breaking while being repaired. He warns you to seek shelter immediately and you are moved outside the factory next to the manager, Liotzburg.

8. Speak to Liotzburg, who is panicked by the situation. At this point, the Einbroch Smog Alert is issued and several Noxius and Venomouses are spawned.

Finishing this quest will issue the Einbroch Smog Alert in town.

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