Eye Of Hellion Quest

Level Requirements: Base Level 60+
Item Requirements: 1 Blue Gemstone
Quest Reward: A) Beat Hellion Revenant: 1,200,000 Base EXP, Old Blue Box & Nile Rose[1] -OR- B) Beaten by Hellion Revenant or skip the Cave: 1,000,000 Base EXP & Nile Rose[1]

1. At the Morroc Inn, talk to Old Scholar Tyler, Illias Tyler (morroc_in 116 101) and he'll tell you he is waiting for someone. He will talk about the Eye of Hellion. You find out he has completed a device that can seal the jewel's evil energy. Sadly, he doesn't know the whereabouts of the jewel. He asks you to find people that have accepted his assignment. Staring from Prontera you need to find Clanux Heffron.

2. Find Clanux Heffron (prontera 269 326) behind the church and tell him your intentions, He wants me to help you. Clanux that show you what he have collected so far.. a broken sword and a wheel. Where did you find it? you ask. He tell you the sword found from old Swordman's Association.

3. Near the old Swordman's Association you find a strange hole in one of the Training Puppet (prontera 224 80).

There're some writings on it: Miss Vegetable N9 W3 Bingo.

4. Go back to Clanux and tell him what you found. Then he gives you a Wheel that he found inside the Item Shop.

5. Go to the Veggie Merchant at the bottom left of Prontera. Could it be Miss Vegetable? She just staring me with the horrible look! And could N9 W3 mean 9 steps to the north and then 3 steps to the west?

Nothing happens! You almost forget to say Bingo? BINGO! Miss Vegetable looks more nervous when you say that word and she tells you a very strange thing. Then she asks you to remember these numbers 3847147298 (might be different from player to player).

6. Head to the Item Shop where Clanux told you and find an Unknown Machine near the Item NPC.

It seem the machine is some sort of a wheel so, place the Wheel in it. Then the machine ask you to enter the numbers: 3847147298. A shining slate comes out of the machine, the first Piece of Slate.

7. Go back to Tyler and he tells you the dense forest written in the slate refers to Payon. He asks you to look for Cloud Deca there.

8. Meet Cloud Deca (payon 182 132) and he's willing to cooperate if you pay 10k to buy his clues item. He gives you a Stone Heart, Green Herb, Grape Juice & Skirt of Virgin. He'll divulge the location he found those items one at a time. (Marks on the mini map. Try not to teleport or enter portals)

A) The first item is the Skirt of Virgin near the Resting Place. (You need to walk inside it for the clue to pop out.)
B) The second is Stone Heart the hide inside Stone Pile.
C) The third for Green Herb is found in the Dried Fish.
D) The fourth Grape Juice is inside Big Pot.

9. Go back to Cloud and report to your findings. You try to solve the puzzle together. Then you find that if we link the locations in the minimap, there is a new location in the center of the city. Go to the spot and find message left by Tyler.

10. Tell him about the hidden message you found and Cloud thinks the next clue might be in the big stone statue in Archer Village.

11. Walk near the Statue of Buddha, the Piece of Slate starts glowing as if it is reacting to something powerful. Suddenly the Statue of Buddha talks in your mind. He asks you a question. (Players are encouraged to try different other answers, no harm if you choose wrong) A small opening appears below the statue and you get the second Piece of Slate.

12. You when back for Tyler and report the good news. Tyler will tell you the 4th Piece of Slate is in the hand of Sage Shawn, Geffen. Before you depart he hand his 3rd Piece of Slate to you.

13. Meet Sage Shawn (geffen 110 200) and ask him for his help. He asks you do him a favor first by bringing the report of Research Monsters Geffen Area from his apprentice, Anuchi at the top of Geffen Tower.

If you select wrong, bring a White Potion to him.

14. After a long climb to the top of Geffen Tower, you inform Anuchi (gef_tower 116 37) "I'm just a messenger!" and tell him about Research Monsters Geffen Area. He insists that Shawn had taken the report days ago.

15. Strangely, Shawn passes the report he asked you to find and then wants you to pass it back to Anuchi. On your way back he asks you to get a Blue Gemstone for him.

16. Another long climp up to Geffen Tower. After passing the report, bring him the Blue Gemstone he asked for and head for Shawn again. He asks a strange question…

"Greinir's rain, on the third singer, shining roof made of silver, resting place of the dead. What is it?"

You tell him Valaskjalf and he gives you the 4th Piece of Slate.

17. After obtaining all 4 Piece of Slate you go back to Tyler. He tells you each of the slates contains a fragment of the cursed jewel and Sage Shawn should be able to combine the fragments of jewel into one.

18. Shawn will use the Blue Gemstone you gave him and then combine the 4 Piece of Slate into Complete Tablet.
Shawn will tell you the Slate belongs to Hellion Revenant and he can send you to the location indicated in the Slate, and he sends you to the Sealed Cave at Geffen Field.

You can complete the quest now by going back to Tyler in Morroc without killing Hellion Revenant.

19. When you near the Sealed Cave, your Slate reacts and starts to glow. You Place the Slate in the slot and Tyler's message appears.

20. You find Hellion Revenant inside gef_dun03 and after beating him, he'll drop Eye of Hellion.

21. Tell Tyler about the Slate, the message, the Sealed Cave and his granfather's death (if you beat Hellion Revenant).

He'll thank you and start the Sealing Ceremony on the Jewel of Hellion.

22. After sealing it, Tyler will reward you.

A) Beat Hellion Revenant: 1,200,000 exp, Old Blue Box & Nile Rose[1]
B) Beaten by Hellion Revenant or skip the Cave: 1,000,000 exp & Nile Rose[1]

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