Custom Equips

Race Items

"The removal of these race items will not be reported or punishable. Removing these items aren't punishable for role-playing reasons. Such as tucking a tail into ones pants or hiding a tail under a dress." These items are a slotted lower headgear.

  • Kumiho Tail: User does not receive anything for this item.
  • Ailouros Tail: User does not receive anything for this item.
  • Lupus Tail: User does not receive anything for this item.

"Removal of race items outside of the OOC room will result in the player being instantly relocated to the OOC room and a log of the incident being made. Removing race items outside of sanctioned grounds is a violation of the rules, and is a punishable offense."

  • Human

20% extra EXP from all monsters
10x HP from healing items
Per 25 base points in a stat gain +1 to that stat.

  • Kumiho

Per 10 INT gain 1 INT
20% extra exp SP
All skills cost 20% less SP
Doubled SP reovery rate
25% extra MDEF

  • Nanabozho

Per 5 LUK gain 1 LUK
20% base land speed
High Jump LVL 5
10% extra CRIT

  • Ailouros

Per 10 DEX gain 1 DEX
20% extra HP
Doubled HP recovery
Backslide LVL 1

  • Lupus

25% extra DEF
Per 10 VIT gain 1 VIT
Full Adreneline Rush LVL 1
Charge attack LVL 1

  • Alfar

Per 10 AGI gain 1 AGI
20% ASPD
20 HIT
No gemstones fore skills
Ignore 25% MDEF

  • Svartalfar

Per 10 STR gain 1 STR
+25% ATK
+25% MATK

  • MF-06

25% DEF
25% MDEF
Doubled SP/HP Recovery
15% Universal Resist
15% MDEF Perice



  • Job Suits [1]

Changes the appearance of the character to the specific suit they put on, and when taken off it returns their appearance to normal.






  • Swordsman Figure [1]

Two hand quicken lvl 5, one hand quicken lvl 1, and bash lvl 5.

  • Mage Figure [1]

Firebolt lvl 5, lightning bolt lvl 5, cold bolt lvl 5, and earth spike lvl 5.

  • Archer Figure [1]

Attention concentration lvl 5, and owls eye lvl 5.

  • Acolyte Figure [1]

Bless lvl 5, increase agi lvl 5, and warp portal lvl 2.

  • Merchant Figure [1]

Enlarge weight cap lvl 5, vend lvl 5, and pushcart lvl 1.

  • Thief Figure [1]

Hide lvl 5, chasewalk lvl 1, double attack lvl 5, steal lvl 5, and gank lvl 5.

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