Player Name Skylar

Character Name: Engel
Secondary Name:
Race: Lupus
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Height: 4’3”
Weight: 70.4lbs
Hair Color: White
Eyes Color: Blue
Skin Tone: Tanned

Engel has fairly soft, likeable features, a healthy tan, wild albino-white hair in need of a slight trim, and soft almost dull blue eyes. Like all Lupus, Engel’s body is fairly toned, stronger than a human twice his actual age. His only real outfit is a cape with a fur lined hood, light blue in color with tiny gold patterns, a wolf-claw necklace, an off-white shirt, a pair of black pants, blue fur-lined gloves with black fingers and gold stitching, and finally a pair of fur lined cloth shoes of the same blue and gold color scheme.

Personality & Mannerisms
Disposition: Neutral

As a recent ex-slave, Engel has a pretty repressed personality so he rarely speaks, or even reacts to people much and lacks any real interests or goals of any sort. He is curious about real life though, but has had little time to see and experience it himself. As a Lupus, Engel is very obedient towards his Alpha, though somewhat because of his past as a slave as well.

Character Age: 5
Birthdate: January 5th
Birth place: Yuno
Occupation: Unemployed

Engel was born to a pair of young Lupus after one going into heat. Both his parents being slaves on an Airship as guards, Engel was naturally as slave as well, though his work load was rather small as female slaves were the preferred servants of the passengers and the necessary areas had guard dogs already, his only real task was to keep people from getting to wild, either on deck or in the lounge. Eventually, he was sold off to save money on the food he ate as he was never really needed.
His new master employed him as a hunter, and latter used him in the raids on Payon to try and sniff out hiding Lupus, Ailourous, Kumiho, or Nanabozo. During one such hunt, Engel had been bit by a Snake, found later by Ilya who had recognized the signs of poison. To far into his system for a simple green potion, the Lupus began the slow task of detoxifying the venom of an unknown snake.

• Ilya Telune
Engel’s Alpha. Took care of him after finding him during the raids on Payon.

Misc Facts
Favorite Consumption: Peco
Special Skills: Hunting, Skinning, and preparing kills.

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