Elysander Branstein
~ Player Name Fireshine

Character Name: Elysander Branstein
Secondary Name: Sander/Xander
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight


Height: 6'1
Weight:160 lbs
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eyes Colour: Brown
Skin Tone: Fair tanned.

Elysander wears a red bandana complemented with his red scarf. He wears green thieves clothes with a black fitted shirt and arm wraps on both his arms. He wears a belt that holds most of his knives and complementary stuff. Has brown trousers covered with the exntended part from his thief outfit paired with long brown boots for extreme terrain.

Another outfit he wears casually would be a pirate bandana paired with sunglasses and his favorite cigar brand. Wears a black mink coat and gloves on both hands. Has a black furred pants paired with safety shoes.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Neutral

Elysander is a narcissistic kind of person. He likes to show others how manly he is by doing poses(some awkward) that allows him to build his confidence in himself. He likes to joke around but has a unique sense of humor which mostly some only understand. He often touches his lips for no apparent reason to simulate him smoking a cigar. His seriousness comes out in adversity which awakens his leadership abilities when needed. He believes that showing no fear may build up another person's character.


Character Age: 33.
Birthdate: May 29
Birthplace: Prontera
Occupation: A-T.A.S. Informant

Elysander was born in an orphanage manage by the church in Prontera. He was left alone in the doors of the church by his parents. As a common practice, those who were in care of the church would usually train to be servants of god or to be specific, acolytes. As Sander grew he was fed up on how things were ran by the priests and the forcing of accepting the training to become an acolyte. Yet he was famous in the choir as he had a good voice and he wanted to sing.

As time passed the test for being an acolyte begun. They were ordered to go on and find the ministers of the church scattered around the plains of Prontera. Elysander was assigned to look for a sister near morroc, but due to a suddn change in the air he decided that being an acolyte specially against your own will was a bad idea. He ditched his quest and decided to become a thief.

//As he went to payon to train he met Raphael Remouri. Raphael gave Elysander a head on info on what is currently happening on Midgard. As the two conversed and shared opinions the meeting finally ended with Sander signing up as an informant for A-T.A.S.

As Elysander traveled gaining info, he finally met Raphael once again and met a new ally named Jeremiah. The meeting was brief and a mission was entrusted to Elysander of the utmost importance. He gathers intel on the so-called upcoming invasion to Payon.//


  • Raphael Remouri: Met Raphael on the town of Payon, as they finally went separate ways Sander signed up to be a member of A-T.A.S. which makes him an informant and Remouri his ally.
  • Jeremiah: A team member in A-T.A.S., met him during his second encounter with Raphael. Introduced himself as a Specialist.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Sander loves to drink juice more than anyone else.
Special Skills: Infiltration, Hunting, and Singing.

Elysander usually juggles his knives when travelling alone in long distances accompanied a hymn which he considers manly.

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