Cyril Xerxes
Player Name Piyohonke

Character Name: Cyril Ξέρξης (Xerxes)
Secondary Name: Cyril
Race: Alfar
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Open Minded.


Height: 6'1", 185.42 cm
Weight: 154 pounds, 70kg.
Hair Colour: White.
Eyes Colour: Bright Yellow, kind of like a well polished gold nugget.
Skin Tone: Pale.

Cyril's hair is a frosty white, with a blue shading that can be seen faintly when a source of light is behind him. In his general appearance his hair keeps his eyes from glimmering, even when wide open like it normally is, so naturally it looks a bit darker than it really is, but when his hair is out of the way, it reveals a bright yellow iris that seems to intake light and shine it back brighter than before.
He has a slender face, an angled jaw, and his lips are thin. His nose is long and thin, and even with his shady appearance, his body gives a vigorous feel.
Cyril's body was built and toned like a martial artist, his muscles flexible, with better compression than most body builders, but still has room for improvement. So, even with the muscle he's built over the time, he keeps his slender shape.
The clothes he wears are usually ragged or torn, due to his excessive need to "adventure", and they comfortly fit around him snugly, but it isn't tight like leather or something that was one size too small. Usually underneath his clothes, he keeps some contraption to soften the impact from being hurt externally, like a steel plate, or a cup.
And the expression of his face seems never changing, while alone, or just out on his "adventure". It's always looking past and through the things as if he's seeking something greater to come up from the horizon. When there's people around his odd mask seems to fall off though.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Chaotic Neutral.

Cyril is what seems to be the odd one out, when it comes to his people. The only sign he's even an Alfar might be his calm senses, his ears, and how collect he seems on rare occasions.
A distinguished part of him that separates him is that, when it comes to combat he's very exciteable, because he craves the Adrenaline, or the thrill of doing things the way he's doing it. Even if he's lost he seems that way, and calms down a bit when he falls unconcious, or if the fight has ended.
Cyril is a bit bitter when it comes to saying something, if it's honestly it'll usually be blunt, but more often than not he'll respond with sarcasm. And he likes to attack Zane whenever they're with a group of people, just because.
When he isn't being bitter or sarcastic, he'll make not so serious comments, unless he really doesn't know something, then he switches to an eager student.


Character Age: 19
Birthdate: December 21st
Birthplace: Alfheim
Occupation: No Occupation/Traveller.

Cyril was born between strangers, even to this day he doesn't seem to know who his parents are, other than the fact they were Alfars, according to the people he's lived with. Starting from a young age, he has had an interest in bladed weapons, and a craving to fight other kids that were near him. This often brought trouble to him, and others questioned his past and his race. This didn't seem to bother the careless child though, because he was a child, and young children seem to only pay attention to what they like or what interests them. As he grew older, he would come home with more wounds and bruises each day, because of his habit. Often he'd be considered a nuisance for his loud behavior and some what of the influence he had on the younger Alfars. By the age of twelve, he left his home, deciding he didn't need his past. For the first couple weeks after moving out, he had problems with survival because of the lack of food. He lived off of fruits he found on weak monsters, and a generous old man gave him some food when they met, on Cyril's third week of being away. On his sixth month, he had grown aware of what parts of the monster were edible, and what to avoid. Living a life in this fashion, started to tame his hunger for picking fights as well, and the thrill only comes if he does happen to get in a fight, but there were times that he would wake up several days later, not remember what happened with blood on his hands. Cyril's first winter away from his home was the worst winter for him, and the encounter rate with near death experiences were rather high.
By the age of fourteen, he had reached Morroc and joined the thief guild, where he was finally able to practice wielding a bladed weapon. The first ever knife he held, the excitement from the past had started to catch up to him, and couldn't hold it in very well. The days after that seem like a fleeting dream to him, and without realizing it he had reached the age of sixteen. Still living away from society, he had reached Umbala, and spent his days fighting the Wootan clan that resided in the forest. Here, he conditioned his body like the apes, and some of the residence, while risking his life fighting the apes.
The day he reached 17, in the winter he arrove at the Assassin guild, where he became an Assassin. The guild never saw Cyril again after he had passed.
After the first week of being an Assassin, he left to the temple of Monks, and trained following the Monk ways, away from sight from the Monks for another year. Although, he still to this day believes the Old man there knew Cyril had been condition with them. After he had the hang of how the Monks conditioned their bodies, he left to Umbala to fight the Wootans some more, and resumed his usual conditioning mixed with the Monk's way of training.
Several months after turning nineteen, he left Umbala and left to Izlude, where he encounted Zane and Cliff, and being swallowed into Zane's problems, they fought off some of the people angry at Zane, and escaped from Izlude by jumping into the water.


  • Zane Ivory: Met in Izlude, by accident, well more like Zane dragged Cyril into his problems, Cyril considers him a friend.
  • Cliff: Met in Izlude, forceful acquaintance because of Zane. He's a friend, but more like an acquaintance, due to Cliff's few words.
  • Kerisu: He encountered her in Payon, but Cyril seems more interested in her dog, Buster, than Kerisu.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Meat, in general. Anything spicy works for him too.
Special Skills: Spotting critical points of his enemies, quick wit, survival skills.

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