Carlisle Fionnghal
Player Name Urufu

Character Name: Carlisle Fionnghal.
Secondary Name: MF-06J05.
Race: MF-06.
Gender: Male.
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.


Height: 6'2".
Weight: 276lbs.
Hair Colour: Auburn with random strands of Sepia.
Eyes Colour: Olive Green.
Skin Tone: Mediterranean: von Luschan 17.

Carlisle is a large man in the sense that not only is he tall, but he is also wide. His body has no fat to it, and if he were to shed his armor in front of someone they would see his defined muscular figure. His hair is naturally spiky, and rather lengthy giving it a rather stylish look. Having escaped during the fire are the facility Carlisle dyed his hair Auburn with Sepia highlights. His eyes always hold a sadden look to them. Carlisle wears heavy armors of silver and blue coloring (along with a blue cape).

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Neutral.

Carlisle is typically very friendly, and will talk with almost anyone (including criminals). He doesn't like to judge, but he sees everything around him (& makes mental notes). He holds an odd trusting necessity — believing that once wants trust they must sacrifice something for it, generally something of high value. Carlisle never gets angry, but he is one to be disappointed with someone which in that case he won't talk or associate to them till they've learned their wrong. He doesn't mind fighting for something with a cause, but he does take a bit of encouraging to make him take up arm. Carlisle is honestly just a free spirit looking to roam about, and find his true calling.


Character Age: 148 years old.
Birthdate: Unknown.
Birthplace: Lighthalzen.
Occupation: Unemployed (currently), Delivery Boy (formerly).

MF-06J05 (an attempt at constructing a juggernaunt). Only about 20 MF-06J05's were created, but before the fire at the facility happened experimentation on them didn't go smoothly. They were pron to attack their keepers at an attempt to get free, and feelings against entrapment were physically visible in their tantrums. When the fire happened he escaped, but a explosion happened causing a piece of shard metal to fly at him (cutting him across the face). With unnatural endurance and his critical wound he escaped into Arunafeltz territory. He stayed there long enough to heal his wound, and then snook onto a trade ship to Rune Midgard. Once in Rune Midgard he became an errand boy for merchants in Alberta. He claimed that he was the son of Blacksmiths to explain his large size. With nobody questioning it he worked for some years running all over Rune Midgard. Until he finally had enough money for armor — which he purchased from the merchants he worked for. Finally having armor he resigned from his job to travel, and nobody has heard from him since.


  • Hallstein Bjorn: Carlisle's bestfriend, and former employer. After working for Hallstein for sometime he grew fond of the man. Carlisle would do anything he could to help his friend out, and because of this he feels Hallstein would do the same for him. Carlisle still keeps in touch with Hallstein.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Strawberries.
Special Skills: Defensive Skills.

  • Has an odd accent (Scottish).
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