Canas Va Athal Von Rorhas
Auren Savarashi

Character Name: Canas va'althal von Rorhas
Secondary Name: Arcanist
Race: Svartalf
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight as a Rod


Where Perrin and Mazrim of the Svarthrid Organization are massive statues of meat and bone, Canas is in the opposite direction. Tall and lanky, he seems out of place when compared to other members of his group with his abject lack of muscule. Canas prefers to shroud himself in matte black concealing clothing that covers him from head to toe. A pair of sunglasses shield his eyes from description while his blue-silver hair is crowned with a jewel encrusted circlet. Canas always wears a cocky grin on his mug and seems a bit greasy.

Height: 6'0
Weight: 144
Hair Colour: Blue-Silver
Eyes Colour: White
Skin Tone: Dark Brown

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Nuetral Evil
To say that Canas is arrogant is to say that the sun is bright. He is a dedicated follower of Freyja and would never choose another faith, for he believes in her tenants of martial prowess, expertise and excellance in all walks of life. This has led him to unscrupulous paths in life and has given him willingness to enact violence on any that he chooses.


Character Age: 170
Birthdate: March 14th
Birthplace: Svartalfheim
Occupation: Mercenary

Born in a poorer slum of Svartalfheim, Canas was introduced to the struggle of life at a very early age, having watched his mother get raped and murdered by a pair of human mercenaries. This has left a permanent mark on Canas, leading him to believe that those who are strong are the ones who survive. His discussions with Lady Freyja have only solidified this belief. Pushing to get accepted into the Academy at an earlier age, he blazed through courses until he had to choose between magic and the sword.

To Canas, the choice was obvious. Magic.

Canas believed that magical power was the key, giving him the capability to wreak far more havoc then a person could with a gun, sword or bow. Graduating near the top of his class in the arcane arts, he was snapped up by Svarthrid's Allgemeine before Allgemeine al'Haest for his talents and knowledge.


  • Perrin: Canas appreciates Perrin's rock solid and stoic manner, along with his humorous bent. Canas also appreciates Perrin's work with weapons, and doesn't think there's anyone that can come close to comparing to Perrin for refining weaponry.
  • Tennolan: This Svartalf girl-soldier is a strange creature. Perrin and Mazrim watch her like hawks but Canas doesn't know why.
  • Mazrim: The Current Allgemeine. Canas likes the Svartalf but if things got violent and Mazrim was disposed of, Canas wouldn't care much at all.
  • Zadok: An experiment for Canas, the Svartalf found the Lupine pup and taught him how to read and magic. The resulting experiment dictated that A) Canas can't teach advanced magic worth crap but can teach reading, writing and arithmatic damn well. This led to Zadok becoming a Sage, learning from an Academy acquaitance.
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