Bryon Dahmon
Player Name Grabacre

Character Name: Bryon Dahmon
Secondary Name: Grabacre
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Height: 5’8”
Weight: 168lbs
Hair Colour: Brown
Eyes Colour: Brown
Skin Tone: Tanned

Grabacre commonly wears his combat gear by the book in combat. He wears a specially woven micro-fiber combat vest, schemed in a unique camouflage pattern called Advanced Self-Adjusting Digital Camouflage (ASA DIGI), which takes its environment in and adjusts itself based on light\color readings, and can change the makeup of its color fibers. His cargo pants, which are also colored in ASA DIGI, are tucked into his black leather boots. His facial appearance gives off an aggressive and seasoned look. He carries himself with extreme confidence and discipline, and has an intimidating aura about him.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Neutral

Grabacre has been recalled for his ruthless mannerisms. He is not commonly kind to others, and demands full effort from those working alongside and for him. He has been recognized by the public through the wanted posters scattered around major cities. Although his actions and words say otherwise, Grabacre isn’t one to kill freely. He shows a great deal of self-control and from his training is extremely disciplined.


Character Age: 32
Birthdate: Unknown
Birthplace: Lighthalzen
Occupation: A commander of Mercenario Organizzazione Contraente and Mercenary trainer.

Grabacre, or Bryon Dahmon, was born in Lighthalzen of the Schwatzvalt Republic. He attended school and a few military universities, and enlisted as an officer of the Schwatzvalt military. His family was part of the middle-class. His parents still currently reside in Lighthalzen, but his younger sister has moved to Payon in the Rune Midgard region to study medicine at some of the Rune Midgard education institutes. Bryon had an extremely successful 8 year career in the military, being recognized in combat and leadership roles, and being awarded a silver star and a medal of valor. During the battle he earned his medal of valor, he also obtained the nickname ‘Grabacre’ for his unwillingness for relinquishing his outpost to hordes of mobs. Although he was wounded to the point of incapacitation, he held off the attack that provided great strategic importance to the Republic. Grabacre was once a formidable fortress in history, and withstood horrific assaults. Bryon was quickly called this even by politicians. At age 28, he was forced to retire through honorable discharge from his injuries. Unable to see combat or service through the Republic’s military, Grabacre’s reputation earned him a command position for the Warlord Kaze’s Mercenario Organizzazione Contraente and trains Kaze’s mercenaries and leads major operations. His current employment is kept secret from his family, who he protects with fierce persistence.


  • Warlord Kaze Z. Joufu: Grabacre was asked to join Kaze’s contracting organization. He has met Kaze on a few occasions, and shows great respect for the Warlord. He understands his employer’s position, and has no problem at all helping to maintain his secret. Grabacre and Kaze both show great respect for each other.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Fried Rice; Chicken; Chocolate
Special Skills: Riflery/Marksmanship; Strong Leadership qualities; Engineering; Firearm Maintenance/Tinkering

Grabacre has a habit of saying ‘eh’ or ‘mm’ at the end of his sentences when he is speaking socially; He can cook better than the Mess Sergeant(Cook) at his station; Is patriotic to his current employer and the Schwatzvalt Republic; Doesn’t see an hierarchy between races, humans aren’t dominant to others, but equal.

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