Bruspetti Quest

Level Requirements: I don't know?
Item Requirements: 1 Knife [3]
Quest Requirements: Completed Friendship Quest
Quest Rewards: Base Experience

1. Talk to Katinshuell (ra_in01 235,194) inside the building at (rachel 81, 36).

2. Talk to Mr. Shendar (ra_in01 250,19) inside the building at (rachel 217, 60).

3. Talk to Lachellen at (rachel 73, 244). She mentions how jealous she is of Bruspetti and her new boyfriend.

4. Talk to Katinshuell again, who says he broke up with his girlfriend.

5. Talk to Mr. Shendar once more, who talks about how he misses his daugher.

6. Travel to Lighthalzen, and enter the Hotel at (lighthalzen 158, 129) and go to the room upstairs at (lhz_in02 235,200) and walk around (208, 209), and you smell the scent of roses.

7. Go back to Rachel, and talk to Lachellen again. She isn't surprised, and says Bruspetti was travelling to Lighthalzen. She suggests you visit the place where she and her boyfriend often went.

8. Go to the lower right corner in Rachel, and walk along the lake until you get to (265, 47). A grandmother will warn you about slipping into the water.

9. Go back to Mr. Shendar, and he's amazed Bruspetti went to Lighthalzen. He then struggles with the decision whether or not to invade her privacy by reading her diary. Click on the "Book" close to Mr. Shendar (ra_in01 253, 24).

10. Talk to Katinshuell again, and when he asks what you want to ask him about, type "Bruspetti," then ask about "Lighthalzen," and finally "Freya's Spring."

11. Talk to Lachellen again, and when she asks if she can help with anything, type "Freya's Spring."

12. Head to the lake again, and talk to the Grandma (rachel 266, 35).

13. Go back to Mr. Shendar, and he starts beating you up, thinking you're Bruspetti's boyfriend. After realizing who you are and apologizing, he allows you to help and read Bruspetti's diary.

14. On the shelf near Mr. Shendar (ra_in01 253, 24) obtain Bruspetti's Diary.

15. Go back to Katinshuell, and confront him with the truth about his relationship with Bruspetti. Confront him in this order:

Recent Break Up
Freya's Spring

16. Make sure you have a Knife [3] in your inventory before talking to Katinshuell. After the confrontation, Katinshuell admits to killing Bruspetti in the Spring. Talk to him again, and you go through entries in the diary. He then explains how he killed Digotz, and, indirectly, Bruspetti.

17. Return to the lake, and talk to the Grandma, then walk over the spot that previously triggered the dialogue box to the north of her. After closing it the first time, talk to it again, and receive some Experience.

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