Bio Ethics Quest

Job Requirements: Must be an Alchemist or Biochemist
Item Requirements: Geek Glasses, Grandpa Beard
Quest Reward: Bio Ethics - The Homunculus Skill Tree and the ability to create a homunculus.

1. Head to the Rekenber Corporation Headquarters located in the 11 o'clock direction in Lighthalzen. Then head left and up all the way until you see the Rekenber Guard (lhz_in01 35 225).

2. Talk to him while wearing Geek Glasses and a Grandpa's Beard in order to gain access to the Bio-Life Lab. (If you forgot to bring them, just buy them at the Tool Dealer [General store, 2nd Floor in (lighthalzen 199 162)] )

3. There will be 4 portals after you enter the Bio-Life Lab. Enter the portal directly opposite from where you came in and locate Kellasus(lhz_in01 224 140). Talk to him until he finds you irritating.

4. Locate Skrajjad, who is right below Kellasus (lhz_in01 225 122). Talk to him, and he will request you locate Keshibien.

5. Locate Keshibien, who is to the left of Kellasus (lhz_in01 204 138). Talk to him, and he will ask you to find Broncher in Lighthalzen.

6. Go to the Lighthalzen Restaurant (lighthalzen 158 129), which is located right above the center Kafra, and find Broncher in the right room (lhz_in02 278 273). Talk to him, and learn about the Homunculus.

7. Return to Kellasus and speak with him. Tell him that you have learned the details of the Homunculus, and you will have to answer three of his questions. The answers are:

A. Vaporize.
B. Embryo.
C. Homunculus Resurrection.

Despite acknowledging your performance, he will not teach you the skill yet.

8. Find Kellasus' family (specifically, his son Koring [lhz_in03 106 34]), and speak with them. The house is at (lighthalzen 249 299).
TIP: Go past the Police Station and look out for a small alley that leads to a house behind.

9. Return to Kellasus once again. Talk to him, and there should be a new option available. Then, proceed to talk to him until you have gained the Bioethics skill!

Note: Items for creating a Homunculus are sold in the Alchemist Guild.

IMPORTANT: The Item Requirements listed here are ONLY for the quest. You will need different items to create the actual Homunculus.

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