Aurora Rosenthal
Player Name Wolf

Character Name: Aurora Rosenthal.
Secondary Name: None.
Race: Alfar.
Gender: Female.
Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual (likes woman more then men).


Height: 5'6".
Weight: 94lbs.
Hair Colour: Brown.
Eyes Colour: Amber.
Skin Tone: Tan; dark peach.

Aurora is a fairly attractive woman. She has somewhat of a tom boy look to her, but generally she looks really girly. Most of the time she wears clothing that isn't revealing in public — this is due to scars located on her neck, lower arms, and back. When she is hunting though she wears almost nothing; short pants, boots, gloves, and a small top.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Chaotic Good

Aurora is very odd. Despite her age and wisdom she still acts very childish. Often at times she'll mimic monsters, items, or people just out of sheer amusement (she's been known to make furred ears with her hands to imitate them). Generally she is a very open person, but she sugar coats things that she doesn't want to openly tell people. She is extremely friendly with people who are friendly in return, and uncaring of those who are rude (most of the time ignoring their rudeness). If she doesn't like something she is the type to straight up tell you to your face regardless of the outcome. She is polite, but sometimes her strive to amuse herself gets her in trouble. In addition she doesn't take kindly when men ask her out or try to flirt with her, and she can become a stone cold bitch in the situation. She also loves to collect junk, and especially dolls (she has a secret doll collection).


Character Age: 200 years old.
Birthdate: Unknown.
Birthplace: Unknown.
Occupation: Prostitute (formerly), Huntress (formerly), A-T.A.S. Operative (formerly), Professor of Bowmanship (currently).

Not much is truly known about Aurora's life since she isn't very open about speaking about her past, and the only person that would is deceased. It is known that Aurora used to be a member of A-T.A.S. back before it took on it's military rule. Originally she along with Ridgar Kramer, Jamison Hewy, and Rapheal Remouri use to be the only true members of the group or rather the most notorious members. During that time the group was consisting of vigilantes of all different status' who worked together to royally kick the asses of those that choose to do wrong. Though nothing else is really known about Aurora from her lack of mentioning information.

Recently Aurora has opened up slightly, and revealed a little bit of her past to Ilya. Apparently as a child Aurora was abducted, and was sold as a sex slave (to Comodo). As a child she was raped daily, and nightly up until Kramer found her. She didn't give much detail about how Kramer found her, but she mentioned that she escaped and bumped into him. Afterwards he took her under his wing and raised her. She also revealed to Lupa that she was 200 years old, and the fact that she acts childish is souly because her childhood was robbed from her.


  • Ridgar Kramer: It is unknown what he was to her, but his importance was clearly high enough to make her quit A-T.A.S. when he was reported MIA.
  • Jamison Hewy: It is unknown what he was to her, but it is known that they worked along side one another prior to Rapheal's recruitment.
  • Raphael Remouri: she refers to him as "Little Red". It is unknown of what they are to one another, but the way she refers to him is almost sisterly.
  • Ilya Telune: Ilya is the only member of the Academy that Aurora hasn't given a nickname (though it's unknown why she hasn't deemed her one). After an emotional break down about Comodo Aurora has confessed her past to Ilya and in return she they seem to be getting along much better.
  • Aviyara Lexicon: Aka ' Cool Cat '. Aurora having never bothered to ask for his name or listen to other call him by his real name just refers to him as Cool Cat (it is unknown why though she choose this nickname for him).
  • Edan Paisean: Aka ' Gramps '. Aurora knows very little about Edan, but the first time they meet he didn't seem to restrain himself in the manor of his speech — thus coming off as rude (Aurora didn't like this). As a result she refers to him indirectly as Gramps because of white hair, tea fetish, and depression.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Unknown.
Special Skills: Finding things of high importance randomly.

  • She's known Raphael since he was 18 years old when they recruited him into the undeveloped A-T.A.S. group (so she has known him for 25 years).

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