Amaya Dochas
Player Name Masaki

Character Name: Amaya Dochas
Secondary Name:
Race: Alfar
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Height: 5'4”
Weight: 124 lb
Hair Color: Lime Green
Eyes Color: Blue
Skin Tone: Fair

/Amaya is still more of a childlike "cute" than an adult "beauty". She has the soft face and pointed nose of a run-of-the-mill elf, with a skinny body, almost but not quite athletic. Her hair is cut short and modest, but has grown out since her monestary days. She bruises easily. Her eyes are very wide, making her look about as naive on the outside as she comes across as from conversation.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Lawful Good

Amaya is still very young and lacks the outward calm and self-confidence that most elves away from their families have. She makes up for this with an incredible amount of both faith and stubbornness. Even when she’s terrified, her knees may shake and her voice may come out as a squeak but she won’t run if she’s determined. When she isn’t faced with danger, Amaya is upbeat, cheerful and excitable, her voice often high-pitched. She knows a little of the language of Amatsu as a fan of such things. Even though she means well, she can be judgemental and outspoken, quick to point a moral finger when a wiser knight of the church would try to be understanding.


Character Age: 46
Birthdate: June 21
Birthplace: Eikholt
Occupation: Paladin

Amaya was born to a husband and wife team of criminals, known for burglary and hold-ups in Alfheim. Amaya was a little girl of twelve when her father finally mortally wounded a shopkeeper during a getaway. He was sentenced to death and his wife was forced to flee. In a desperate, callous move, Amaya's mother attempted to give her daughter to a nobleman as a servant. Roedhen Daircrann was a man without much empathy. He put up with the idea that Amaya's mother would live off her daughter's servant work simply because it was cost-effective. Amaya was a willful and difficult servant, her stubborness making her intractable, however, Roedhen was a man with too many young serving girls to discipline them all. She was sullen and resentful, but willing to open up to Roedhen's son, Collin. Collin was a soul linker, a spirit medium whose odd powers were poorly understood in Eikholt, a border town where human ideas came through on occassion. Amaya hid her crush on the older elf as he struggled with the task of teaching himself soul linking from the scraps and rumors that came through the portal. One day became possessed by many spirits, attacking and terrifying her. Amaya ran, stealing, borrowing and begging her way to Rune-Midgard. Nearly out of stolen coin, she was taken in by the Rune Church. She spent years in the monastery where she was taught about the Christian God and promised that He would protect his followers. Amaya's stubborn streak was not crushed under her newfound fear. Instead of taking the vows of a nun, she chose another goal. To free Collin and anyone else of the threat of demons, she swore the vows of a holy knight. Amaya is a subpar swordsman, in part because of her insistance on using a katana she acquired on the way to the monastery.


Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Pancakes and all things breakfasty.
Special Skills: Amaya is a fully trained… maid.
Random Facts: Amaya is infatuated with older men but for the most part dislikes romance.
Fears: Spirits and demons, though she will confront them.

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