Alphonse Mckinneth
Player Name Masaki

Character Name: Alphonse Mckinneth
Secondary Name: Scruffy, Our Little Bed Warmer
Race: Lupus
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual


Height: 6’2”
Weight: 190
Hair Colour: Golden Blond, black markings
Eyes Colour: Golden
Skin Tone: Fair

Alphonse is in amazing shape, toned but not bulky, with smooth, shiny hair and striking golden eyes. However, he can’t seem to keep his good looks, with his straggly stubble, big hand-me-down trenchcoat, and general poor grooming. He’s also got marks on his neck from the collar he used to wear. He has very open, puppylike expressions, having never really lost his innocence despite what many would call a hard life.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Lawful Good

Alphonse is two layers. He’s trusting, open and cheerful on the outside, but below the surface runs a critical mind that sniffs over every situation for inconsistencies. The kind of mind that, while helping an old lady cross the street, keeps an eye out in case she’s got a concealed weapon. He’s also extremely obedient, having trouble with the notion that law-abiding citizens might be bad people. People who don’t smell of guilt or break the laws don’t trip off his wariness.


Character Age: 12
Birthdate: November 4
Birthplace: Lighthalzen
Occupation: Detective

Alphonse was donated the to Lighthalzen 3rd District Police as a puppy and became a sort of mascot for the district’s finest. Between officers that treated him like a particularly clever K-9 and officers that treated him like a cute kid who ran errands, he spent his childhood obeying orders unconditionally, listening to the frustrations of tired police officers, and from time to time, being used for his fine nose. As a furred, he can describe the subtle differences between scents more subtly than the pointing and barking of a ordinary police dog, and he can be trained with far less effort. As time went on and he became less cute and more physically imposing, he was used more and more out in the field, as a tracker or an escort for female officers in the dangerous neighbourhoods of Lighthalzen’s poor districts. It was then that he was introduced to the other purpose furred were used for. When the 3rd district was subject to massive budget cuts, Alphonse was one of the many assets they were forced to sell. A couple bought him as a “pillow servant”. They moved to Izlude with the child to set up their decadent household. Both husband and wife used him in bed for a year when, bored with a muscular lupus, they decided to buy a commissioned nanabouzo. Izlude often turns a blind eye to slavery, but ordering fresh slaves and having them specially shipped makes unpopular rich merchants a target. Their assets were seized and in the case of Alphonse, tossed out into the street, disillusioned with his “parents” who were now lawbreakers. The sorts of people he was raised to hate. Alphonse became a drifter, seeking the life he misses, the life of a lawman.


Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Alphonse likes ramen, hot dogs, greasy fries, donuts, and any fast food that might be eaten by a man with very little time.
Special Skills: Alphonse’s nose is trained more intensely than most slaveborn Lupus. He’s also skilled with a truncheon and handcuffs.
Random facts: Alphonse never makes the first move but is very receptive to the advances of others. He doesn’t have the prideful streak of many lupus.
Fears Hard drugs and their users give him nightmares.

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