Appearance: Alfars are psychically pleasing due to the fact that their aging process halts in their 20s normally during their prime. Eternally young and beautiful they are rather seductive by appearance, and because of this they are one of the most divine looking creatures that aren't gods.

Max Height: 6'8".

Life Expectancy: 2,800 years old.

Dominant Traits: Wise, Un-trusting, Arrogant, Swift, and Resourceful.

About the Race: The Alfar, the elves, were one of two races that entered Mannhim's Midgard, leaving behind their realm Alheim. Expecting to find nothing left after the events of Ragnarok the Alfar were baffled by what they saw. The kindgom of Midgard stood in full glory as did a race that looked exactly like humans. Though some things lacked in the society which stood upon their arrival, and seeing these things missing the Alfars took it upon them to introduce them. Introducing magic, archery, and martial arts into Midgard. Which the result was the creation of Mage, Sage, Archer, Hunter, and Tae Kwon Guilds as well as improving the Performer's Guild. When the Alfar had come to Midgard though so had their brethren the Svartalf, and the mixture of the two races blended nicely with the Humes society. Some time after the Alfar introduced magic though the Humes had mimicked their magic through their Churches. Following this event rumors of a Thieves Guild (Assassin) now capable of vanishing into thin air had emerge as well as this guild being able to use 'black magic'. Things seemed as though their teachings were being manipulated for the other self benefit of the human beings so the Alfar went the extra mile to create another guild, the Wizards Guild, which went about teaching the pure use of both light and black magic. Many years after the Wizard Guild was established, a corporation in Lighthalzen called the Renbenker Corporation began to raise. Run by greedy Humes they began to capture monsters which they brought back to their facility for genetic testing. It wasn't until word slipped out about living-breathing-talking beings that the Alfar got involved, and began launching strategic assaults on the corporation to break those beings out. Though assaults weren't in great numbers normally it was a party of 8-12 Alfars, which truly was enough to break in and get the creatures out. The first assault introduced a new race to their eyes called the Nanabozho, they set most of which free, but many died in the break in process. After the Alfar had saved the Nanabozho they repeated their operations every time they caught wind of a new creation that had been made. Currently Renbenker Corporation is on hostile terms with any and all Alfar, and with such hostility Alfar aren't welcomed in Lighthalzen.

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