Appearance: Ailouros are the shortest furred races. They have feline physical traits, typically thin and agile they also have both feline ears and a tail. At age 18 their growth halts and only a slight fade in their fur color signals that they are older.

Max Height: 5'4".

Life Expectancy: 95 years old.

Dominant Traits: Lazy, Crafty, Seductive, Two-faced, and Impulsive.

About the Race: Third in creation, the Ailouros were born from the DNA of the fabled Tendril Lion’s cubs. Like the Hills Lions, Ailouros are small in comparison to other races, a trait passed down from the Lions. Like the Lions, Ailouros are swift, and well balanced. An Ailouros can easily reach the opposite side of the room before anyone else, without ever touching the ground. Normally using such methods as climbing across the items in a room. Much like any feline, Ailouros are devious, as well as mischievous. From pouncing upon stranger because of the slightest of movements, to coming up with detailed and thought out plans and concoctions to obtain the most simple of things in life. Ailouros are both loved and hated, for their adorable actions as well as their short attention spans.

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