Age To Age Ratios

The various races that populate Midgard age at different rates. The furred races age much faster than a human, while elves age so slowly they seem almost timeless. Here are a few useful statistics for keeping track of relative lifespans.

Ages for: Human Elf Furred MF-06
Earliest Memories 3-5 7-10 1-2 1-2
Maturity 14-18 21-30 6-10 uncertain, definitely by age 14
Healthy Childbearing Age 16-34 22-210 6.5-23 uncertain, definitely starts at age 14
Old Age 65+ 300+ 45+ unknown
Onset of Senility 80-85 400 50-55 unknown
Oldest Living Member on Record 115 750 90 148

Please keep in mind that very little data is available on specimens from Project MF-06, and all data is based off the few surviving specimens who have been recaptured. To date no MF-06 has died of old age. The oldest in captivity is 148, and is one of the original generation of MF-06 specimens.

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